How to Stay Positive When Things Are Tough, Episode 1:

How to use Mantras vs Multiple Sclerosis, bad days, emotions and kids.

I’m new to the whole stay-positive-believe-in-self-visualize-it non-denominational religion. I call it religion because it’s grounded in the principles of faith and belief. That’s a blog by itself, religion, but I’m going today on How to Stay Positive When Things Are Tough, Episode 1. I stay positive by repeating my mantra, Love is Gratitude, Attitude and Passion. I state each word, Gratitude, Attitude and Passion, individually and give a personal example. Confused? I’ll shoot it like a script in my head.

Self: Love is Gratitude, Attitude and Passion. Gratitude is thanks to the Huntsville Police Department for informing me that front license plates are legal requirements without a ticket, asking to search vehicle or even threaten a breath analyser. Yup, officer pulled a U-turn and got me. Most of my Family thinks something dastardly was impending; hell, me too, but it ended with a simple lesson I won’t forget. My bro and I went to Huntsville on a recruiting trip. Weekends at Sugar Hill, name for my home and you should name yours, are full. Full of family. Full of food. Full of memories. We were recruiting the Hawthornes and Big to celebrate Father’s Day and Juneteenth. It didn’t take long and we hit the road to return home. Did I say thanks for them agreeing or arriving safely? Nevermind, the officer stopped us and the rest is history. Call it luck. Call it standard procedure. Call it nothing but I call it proof that staying positive causes positive results. #Gratitude

Self: Love is Gratitude, Attitude and Passion. Attitude is the belief that TODAY my commission will arrive from American Homes 4 Rent. Geez, I’ve been waiting since early April! I gotta stop dealing with that company but NOPE. I rolled the dice again in early June and haven’t received my commission from that either. Whatever, both checks will hit TODAY. Watch. The universe has my back because I stay positive and guard my thoughts. #Attitude

Self: Love is Gratitude, Attitude and Passion. My Passion is putting people in homes and protecting families. MS forced me into early teacher retirement and I needed income. I’ve always been passionate about teaching. I could be teaching why the Tennesse Titans will make the playoffs, why kids need discipline and options or why hip hop music is dying. I am passionate about teaching so I’ve become a licensed Realtor and independent Insurance Agent. Teaching people owning a home vs renting, the importance of insuring life and opening their options is a positive exercise of my passion. Wow! I like that myself! Matter of fact, here in blog #3, passioneering is the excercise of passion. A passioneer is an individual that exercises passion. Oops, back on subject. See, all that goes on in my head so I’m sidetracked from Things Are Tough. I have 2 clients ready to apply for their home loans. I need to contact Person A and remind them to send their declarations page. I know I can give better protection at a better price. SNAP! I have class tomorrow at 12pm and I’m showing at 1pm. Uhmmm, class will be cancelled because I’ve got to settle this client and so far…

I know, I know. It’s chaos, long and looney but it actually works for me. I repeat the “Love is”Ā  and run a different story each time that exemplies Gratitude, Attitude and Passion. This is an ongoing process so I get better every day when I hit a rough patch. I know a few things about Things Are Tough. When a commission is late, Things Are Tough, I use my mantra. When the kids have… Yup, Ā I use my mantra. There is a faith/belief element of the whole stay-positive-believe-in-self-visualize-it religion. You MUST have faith/belief. For me, it’s the belief that the imagination, mind and thoughts can affect the surrounding energy. Repeating my mantra fills me with Gratitude, Attitude and Passion; which fills the surrounding energy, thus infusing my daily interactions for positive results. Should I have used an exclamation point on that lat sentence? Humph. Does it always work? Nope. Does it work half the time? Probably not. So why believe? What am I basing this faith on? My gut feeling. WHOA! Now, that is an entry alone but this is How to Stay Positive When Things Are Tough, Episode 1. Answer? I repeat my mantra with examples. If you’re interested in WHY I stay positive, it’s because I believe the imagination, mind and thoughts affect the surrounding energy. I must remain positive because my Family is watching and they worry A LOT. Being positive gives me the strength to manage MS. MS is Multiple Sclerosis, blah, incurable disease, blah, Pescatarian lifestyle, blah blah, struggle to move, blah blah blah. If you’re wondering why Love is Gratitude, Attitude and Passion. It’s the energy I wish to convey, Love, Gratitude, Attitude and Passion. Thank you for reading. I’ll improve my frequency. I am passionate about sharing these experiences.

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