Day 2 of 7 WITHOUT alcohol 

Day 2 of 7 as I try to note the differences between life with and without alcohol while dealing with Multiple Sclerosis pains.

Day 2 and no, I didn’t break yet. Busy, BUSY and all day, I’ve contemplated grabbing a beer at least. How have my MS symptoms been? Meh, not too bad and definitely better than yesterday. Spondylosis? Same. I made several dietary and lifestyle changes since March 1st so I expected improvements. I kept telling myself, “Dude, keep it together because this is NOT permanent.” Things that stood out, let’s go.

First, I worried a lot more. Oh yeah; I’m a positive guy, even attend The University of Positivity but all day my mind was cluttered with worries. “Why am I doing this when the damage is done? What’s the point if its only 7 days? This is just making my day harder.” I had silly worries. “Man, being a L7 is making me wack. My tolerance will be cut in half. My patience is short today.” Finally, the ridiculous worries. “Shit, my legs weren’t shaking before today. Where the hell did this headache come from?” At each and every concern; I drew on my mantra, Love is G.A.P. I even remixed the song, Whoop That, into Be A Cool Square. Anything to keep me on track. It’s just 5 more days.

I lost my appetite. It’s almost 9pm and I’ve yet to feel hungry. Now, some would say that’s a benefit. Wrong! Wish, I could slap a Trump meme saying, wrong, wrong, WRONG. I avoid prescription medication and use food as my #1 preventative measure. With no appetite, I expect the MS to begin hitting harder. See worry #3. I came into the day prepared to stock my system up with some quality of good ol tap water. At this point, I’ve had a single glass. I would blame the pace of the day but my 4yr old daughter has been with me all day and we stopped to feed her twice. She even mentioned, “But Daddy, don’t you need a salad or you’ll get sick.” I am 100% certain, that will NOT continue into day 3, 4, you get it.

Patience? Oh man, patience took the L today. It wasn’t my kids or even strangers that drove me batty. It was patience towards myself and limitations. Example? Why yes, yes I can elaborate. I had a brain fog moment while driving today. You know those moments when you forget simple stuff? How to spell ‘the’ or what’s your kid’s name? Well, my MS brain fog is more along the lines of increased stuttering, complete fade out of conversions and the inability to register what’s going on around me. Today, brain fog hit and I knew what it was. I KNEW IT! What did I do? Said F it and tried getting home without the GPS. Result? Lost for over 45min somewhere off I-45. It didn’t help that my phone lost 62 battery points in 10min either. Yup, patience may be winner of today’s pity party!

So, day 3 is tomorrow and what’s my game plan? Number 1, bring my extra phone battery! Like I said, my appetite will return. Maybe by the 2nd Monday Night Football? Geez, I am NOT looking forward to Chargers and Broncos tonight. The worrying goes nowhere regardless of strategy. When drinking, I rarely stop to consider much except whatever it is I’m doing. What do coaches call that? Tunnel vision. It should be a another busy one and I appreciate the opportunity to earn clients’ business. Boy, bills don’t care what I got going on. And that folks, is pretty much it. Two days down, 5 to go.



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