Day 7 of 7 WITHOUT alcohol but I slipped….

Day 7 of 7 as I try to note the differences between life with and without alcohol while dealing with Multiple Sclerosis pains.

Here I am standing at the Eve of …. I got nothing. Today is my last abstaining from alcohol, strictly research purposes. At no point will I type anything remotely related to some kind of awakening, great mind shift or philosophical change. Nobody in my family hinted that my behavior suddenly improved (WHY would they?). I did learn some things about myself and I appreciate my own damn effort. *Why yes; yes, I do subscribe to positive self talk.

It’s common sense you avoid situations and people connecting to a habit under imposed restrictions. I thought dieting from the people would be difficult. It wasn’t. HA! This is not the post for that kinda stuff. I knew shaving the situations would be a beast. Naaa, I was good. I gave myself a choice, cheat without NFL or watch NFL with lemon water. Shout out to DeShaun Watson for that ugly-but-thrilling-only-because-Texans-won game. Ahem, I’m done. Well, the Texans only dressed 3 Wide Receivers so… Yea, I’m done. For however it sounds or reads, it is wack to be aware of everything. I mean, every stressor? Every stressor? I loathe when people say, “Chile, please”, and wave an adult off. Few adults accept being compared to children. Ever heard of fighting words? That is my answer to any point made in defense of being aware of everything. Try me. Chile, please. Go on and play. IT READS DISRESPECTFULLY! Aware of your pain all day? Chile, please. Aware of how everyone else may feel towards your limitations? Chile, please. Uh, uh. What about aware of your goals and dreams? Maaaaan, chile. *sucks teeth* Please. Your significant other does… Oops. I can do a better job at using alcohol to relieve a stressor. Ok, like I’m the only one to grab a cold beer just because I know its the coldest drink in house. Hey! I lost 4lbs over the 7 days! I know, duh, but it counts. I ate a lot less too. Good because I lost weight. Bad because #FoodIsMedicine and I’m sure MS feels neglected with the way Spondylosis acts. For non-#MSWarriors, that means I’ll be experiencing numbness, itching, burning, that unique stroll of ours (LOL! Bro, why you walking like that!) and brain fog. My apologies to the multitudes of symptoms that didn’t make the list! We’ll get together soon. I don’t have much else. You know… Nevermind, I’ve rambled enough already.

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