The Thing About Liars Is…

A look at the mentality/perspective of a chronically ill patient and why we don't speak up.

YOU don’t know who is good or bad. By good or bad; I mean, good liars vs. bad liars. See, folks make the cardinal mistake of defining liars as good or bad when nothing, NOTHING, has ever been that simple. Good vs bad? Come on… Good vs bad has always and, will always be, a matter of perspective. What are good liars? Are they good because they lie for a good reason? Tell a good believable lie? Maybe it’s because they only tell small lies? Lie to bad people? I can’t logically apply any set of criteria or matching experiences that consistently result with good liar or bad liar. Truth be told, the purpose of this post is not who are good and bad liars. Shoot, I even avoid discussions relative to WHY liars lie. There is something about a specific genre of liar that I will share intricate knowledge…

I can and will openly discuss the genre of liar, Pained. Why? What gives me expertise, intelligence and historical records of Pained liars? I am a Pained liar and I lie all the damn time. I lie with purpose and full awareness of what I am doing. A Pained liar is a liar in pain, physical pain, emotional pain, spiritual pain; hell, pain is pain. Personally, I partake in a pain cocktail of physical and emotional elements. I lie for several concrete reasons,
1.) Why Ruin a Good Time? Whatever pain I’m going through, everybody has their personalized renditions and accounts. I’m really trying hard to be one of those empowered individuals of positive energy. That’s my life goal, to accept what I can’t change and find the lesson in every experience. I’m in pain. You’re in pain. He/She/They in pain. You get it. Why F up whatever we got going on to analyze and be cognizant of our pain? I’ll lie that I feel fine because its better than talking about it.

2.) My Pain is Invisible. My pain stems from the incurable diseases of Multiple Sclerosis and Spondylosis. It is complicated with Ulcerative Colitis. Throw in the whole I-Have-No-Healthcare-Or-Life-Insurance-To-Leave-My-Family-And-I’m-Starting-New-Business and boom, pain lives here. You have to want to see subtle differences in the motions of MS and Spondylosis patients. We walk with a unique gait as is so rarely do folks notice things going downhill. All that means, I lie about being good, cool beans and ready because I am too familiar with nobody believing the seriousness of my pain. No one can see it and therefore folks make comments and act upon the assumption that my testimony of pain is an exaggeration. No thanks homie. I’ll just lie that I’m normal like you.

3.) Past Experience. This is very similar to Pain Is Invisible. While the latter refers to people unable to see pain and their subsequent disbelief, past experience is when you’ve told people of your pain and your needs aren’t met. I will lie to avoid the disappointment of someone choosing not to help me.

4.) Why Worry People? Yup, going old school here. Honestly though, why worry you or anyone for that matter? I am acutely aware of the pain I’m in everyday. If you can’t help, won’t help, shouldn’t help, or whatever; there’s no point. I will lie instead of telling because your stressing and worrying only exacerbates my pain.

5.) I’m Busy Pretending To Feel Good. For real! Look, I’ve admitted to wanting to be an immensely positive person. I pretend a lot, social media and general human interactions. I firmly believe in faking who I am until I become who I want. My daily routine carries a procedural method of posting positive memes, images and quotes every time I met adversity. I post like crazy until I’m feeling better. If I stop to actually deal with my own inner demons and bullshit, I will ruin my own day. Nope, I’m straight. I’d rather lie that things are kosher than expend the considerable amount of energy explaining that I am NOT kosher.

Lying isn’t one of those things that can be identified and placed in the corresponding box. I consider myself a pathological liar of the highest ethical order. I lie to protect those around me. I lie to insulate the positive energy surrounding me. Most importantly, I lie to save myself from the negative thoughts that someone can help but will not. So, the thing about liars is simple. We all lie.

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