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Uber Eats vs. DoorDash: Delivering with Multiple Sclerosis

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty immediately.

1.) Uber Eats pays less than DoorDash. It’s probably due to Uber Eats NOT requiring a tip OR maybe those new algorithms for driver pay.

2.) If you’re serious about delivering, be prepared for bags on bags on top of bags. I started by accepting everything that cane through, ESPECIALLY if the deliveries were close. The problem was moving about with multiple bags, multiple drinks and my cane. It got out of hand quick and I solved it by delivering one order at a time. Well, a single order can still get difficult. Buying a big thermal like bag provided more help.

3.) Uber Eats does NOT tell you what the delivery will pay until you’ve delivered it. Nothing is worse than accepting a $5.13 Uber Eats and realizing you could’ve taken that $19.52 DoorDash.

4.) Uber Eats gives you about 7 seconds to accept an order. All the while, there is a timer ticking down. Don’t forget, you won’t know the delivery payout or destination either!

5.) DoorDash has the inferior GPS. Yes, both are based with Google maps but DoorDash sent me the long way, out the way and the app timed out 5x in 2 hours of log in time.

6.) The areas served by the two companies are pretty much the same in my location.

I hope this helps! #MSWarrior out.

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