How Contracts Affect Working With a Realtor

Ever wonder why Realtors are slow to respond or don't return your calls?


I run my business by charging your next landlord and NEVER bill a client for helping them find a home. The 1st lists, help and advice I provide are my attempts to EARN your business. If I’ve done well, I would greatly appreciate a discussion of signing a short term Agreement/Contract with you. Benefits of contracting with me include, self credit repair tutorials, later access for questions/help, video walkthroughs, guaranteed 24hr responses and other bonuses. The contract does NOT require you to pay anything and you have the power to terminate the contract whenever you like by emailing me, YOU’RE FIRED. Thanks again for this opportunity to earn your business!

I attach this information to each email when I meet a prospective client. Understand that Realtors are paid AFTER clients take possession of the property. As a result, clients who sign contracts are proving their true intentions and appreciate of our time. I can answer questions, talk, text, show houses with a contracted client because he/she is assuring me of their intention to move and need for our help. I LOVE what I do, putting people in homes and protecting families. Signing a contract signals your respect for our ability and helps ensure our commission so I just my hump to stay in contact!

I/We all get it. Contracts are scary and imply long term commitment (Not really but whatever). Before I became a licensed Realtor and Insurance Agent, I thought this way too. I bashed agents for not returning calls, taking too long to respond and generally used the line, “they aren’t any good”. Not true. As a customer, understand that I’m smashed with emails, texts and calls about properties ALL day. There is no shortage of, “Hi! How big is…? What school is…? You want ___ but…” As a result, I focus on serious questions and inquiries. How does ANY Realtor know you’re one of the serious customers?

1. Show paystubs so we know you can afford it.

2. Contract



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