Let Me Explain My T-shirt Business, The Professional Unprofessional Collection.

Why I started a t-shirt business

I’ve started three T-shirt businesses in the last two years. Aww yea, I ain’t shamed to admit that both were absolute flops. šŸ’© I watched videos, read articles, saved pins, everything. Didn’t matter one bit. I failed twice but I’m back for a third episode of T-shirt Business Guy. I’ve learned a few lessons and that is the difference. This time, I am not building a business based on what others ‘ instructions. I am not following a step-by-step guide to ultimate success written by some mogul designer. This time is the proverbial third-time-is-a-charm time. I’m designing T-shirts as messages from people, like us, to people, like us. Is your mind blown? Don’t worry, between my invisible illnesses, failed entrepreneurships, stories of Gorilla Daddy, teacher experiences and GAP(Gratitude, Attitude, Passion), there are pretty much enough messages for everybody. That brings me to mention this, I’m calling my T-shirts, messages. Yes, messages. Remember, the t-shirts are messages from people, like us, to people, us. Every message/t-shirt will have a note from me in its description. No one in the history of me has complimented my artistic ability so my products are focused on words and hashtags. Call me crazy but I’m in love with this entire concept. I have Multiple Sclerosis, Spondylosis, Ulcerative Colitis and other health issues so I will not be in the laboratory pumping out products as the orders come in. Nope, gearbubble takes care of production and delivery.

Ok, you know the background of The Professional UNprofessional Collection. Here’s why I chose the name, I am a professional UNprofessional myself. Back in the day, when I taught, I was the teacher who concocted loud, high energy lesson plans that students loved or hated. I ran my own independent classroom detention, paid students in pretend Avant bucks for participation, demanded the at-risk students, charged students weekly rent in Avant bucks and proudly earned the whispers of “maverick teacher”. As a licensed Realtor and Insurance agent, I’m that outside-the-box thinker prone to fits to pure truth. “LOL! Rent/Prices haven’t matched your wants in years. You gotta meet me halfway.” I have always been a professional UNprofessional. I’m drinking with my clients. I’m cursing about the adaptations forced by Multiple Sclerosis. I wear my LIFE, love, improvement, family, energy on my sleeve and wrap my important decisions in it. I am a professional UNprofessional and I’m proud of it. I’m sharing my invisible illnesses with anyone willing to read or listen.

Feeling like I represent so many diverse peoples is daunting. I arranged the messages/t-shirts in Collections and titled each relative to the material. Example, the AF(As Fuck, it’s a young people thing) Collection has messages with AF like MommyAF, GrannyAF, FineAF, BossAF, etc. The MS Collection has messages/t-shirts dedicated to people living with Multiple Sclerosis. I have a Daddy Collection, Realtor Collection and this goes on and on. I want to make shirts with messages that folks haven’t seen but always thinking; in the MS Collection, there is a message for cannabis users! In fact, there will be an entire collection for cannabis users!! I plan to spread the gospel of the Professional UNprofessional messages/t-shirts by blog, podcast, OUR various social media groups and wherever else people, like us, congregate. It begins here though. With my readers and supporters, people like US.

Link to purchase “be grateful” T-shirt:


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