GAP Challenge: Day 1 of 7. (3.17.19)

I’m here and ready. Today, I start my first ever GAP Challenge, Gratitude, Attitude & Passion. What is a GAP Challenge? It is the simple act of recognizing what you’re grateful for, having the right attitude and doing what you love. Personally, I share my GAP because it makes me accountable for doing it. I’m the type of cat that thinking about something is not enough. In the words of NFL RB MarShawn Lynch, “I’m bout that action Boss”.


— I’m grateful than a mug that my wife, kids and other family made it home safe after a beautiful weekend. Crazy grateful that I, ME, fixed the washer. Yes, by MY-self! And special shout out to myself for washing and folding every article of clothing and bed sheet in this house. After a flu-ridden week of Spring Break at that! Thanks for my daughters, Ice and Wiz, for finding the strength to shake the flu. Shhhiiiiiiiiiiid, BIG thanks that nobody else caught it since we ducked flu shots! Thank you for my young cousin’s surgery going well and my potna’s program acceptance. What else? Writing this is already feeling great and warming my soul. I’m happy that I picked up some potential clients this weekend, connected with old friends and finally, FINALLY wrote something.


“Everyone thinks of changing the world but nobody thinks of changing themselves.”

*Leo Tolstoy*

— Call me Captain Obvious but yup. My focus is self. GAP is about self. It is me that needs centering. All this quiet Sunday, I’ve worked at my best pace and actually written because I know I needed to write. I’m changing myself for myself. This isn’t to impress my wife, increase business or anything else but to continue a path of improvement. My brother calls it “moving in alignment”. When your actions, words, perspective and destiny match up.


— I’m helping by sharing my successes, failures and everything in-between this week through blogging on GAP. Helping people and making money are intertwined but definitively independent. MY passion is helping people, not selling products, not slanging services. I help people. So everyday, I intend to share how I’m helping people, what I’ve done, hopefully some client reviews! Today, I was able save some folks’ money and that’s cool beans. This weekend, I had a good conversation with some old students. We chopped on career choices, drug tests and wait for it… raising kids!šŸ˜œ I loved it all and felt the good vibes to my chest.

GAP Challenge Day 1 is done.

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