BONDiNG: Netflix/TV-MA/17min

My review and recommendation of the Netflix series, BONDiNG

Tiff and Pete are the main characters. Tiff, psychology grad student, plays the dominatrix. Pete, her best friend, is a typical, twenty something struggling with self confidence. Together, they wade into the abyss of bonding seeking financial freedom and the shenanigans begin.

What a funny series! Let’s start here, NOBODY UNDER 18. BONDiNG is hilarious and uses the whole sexual fantasy storyline to feed viewers some interesting character development. It’s a cool idea, ripe with opportunities to take the viewers just about anywhere.The fantasies themselves are pretty tame, that’s a good thing. I came with heavy preconceived notions and prejudices. None of my personal thoughts changed due to the show. It’s not THAT kind of series. Look, after Sense 8‘s wild out, wide open exploration of orgies, Netflix is my shit. I’m a proud Scorpio! šŸ˜‰ BONDiNG is just over an hour, 7 total episodes, longest being 17min. My wife and a cousin knocked it out over a few glasses, giggles non stop. My final grade? Solid B and yes, I’m ready for season two.

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