Turn Up Charlie: Netflix series/TV-MA/30min

Review of the Netflix Series, Turn Up Charlie

I like this story, quite a bit. In this, Idris Elba plays Charlie, a down-on-his-luck music DJ. He’s banging out wack clubs and barely surviving as the irresponsible, lying party guy. His friends and family have warned him for years that he should pull himself together but…

Enter the childhood best friend! Charlie is offered the job of babysitting/Nanny for his RICH bestie and off the story takes off. Gabrielle, the young lady he’s tasked with watching, is a HANDFUL but you saw that coming. What makes this particular series a little different from the typical “kid-saves-adult” is the acting. Idris is a heavyweight in Hollywood. Piper Perabo, Sara the best friend’s wife, is bringing it too. Throughout the series, I was impressed with her ability to portray the faces and body language of an overworked and anxious Mom. The real star is Gabrielle played by Frankie Hervey. She absolutely killed her character with the proper mannerisms, sarcasm and outright rebelliousness.

The series ends on an awful note and leaves all kinds of questions unanswered. I get it because you want the viewer to desire more, come back, talk about your show but this felt rushed and incomplete. Too much was left hanging and I’m stuck hoping season 2 wraps it up.

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