My Last Thanksgiving of the Decade

10 Gratitudes explained

United Turkey Day is here and I don’t care to celebrate the holiday itself. I appreciate the time, energy and attention of family but it’s not really my thing.

UNTIL 2019 and I’ve built a life and mentality that revolves around Gratitude. Sure, a young King has some terribly awful moments of pain and suffering dealing with this GIANT but overall, I’m good with the direction and velocity of my remaining GOOD years; by GOOD, I mean years being independent, driving, working. I do NOT wish to leave my house so I’m blogging my Gratitudes so I’ll feel like I’m part of the festivities everywhere my family eats and says Grace.

10.) Control my smoking/drinking

DISCLAIMER: I am a daily user of cannabis by flower, liquid and food prep. šŸ˜‰

I’ve been trying to quit smoking Black-N-Mild cigars since 2005 but never succeeded longer than a few weeks. I haven’t wanted to completely eliminate drinking but I’ve reduced my intake so much that I KNOW I could. The biggest reason for this change is of course MS but why. Easy. Smoking & drinking drastically elevate the chances of stroke in MS. Since I am an AVID supporter of cannabis’ medical benefits, I dropped alcohol and “free smoking”, smoking non-cannabis product.

9.) I Look GOOD

This is a direct result of lifestyle changes, Pescatarian, yoga. I stopped eating land animals in March 2017 and lost 70lbs over 2 years. I added yoga in 2019 and lost 10 more lbs AND seriously toned up. I didn’t notice difference but I get compliments from strangers and my wife so much that it pumped my head. Now, I actually believe it all because I see the muscle toning and clearer skin. I feel the increase in energy and require so much less sleep and food. My metabolism spiked, my sexual peak arrived and I pretty much, “smell myself” all the time.

8.) My Social Media

Before the journey into Positivism, Omnism and meditation, I learned to hone my social media into my personal, interactive vision board. I am fiercely protective of it and use it to follow positive, like minded accounts. I’m all into IG and Pinterest. Barely use FB and learning Twitter. Why IG and Pinterest? Ease of ability to follow what who/what I want. I dropped FB bc of it was too negative. I use Twitter for personal branding and promotion.

7.) More Present/Less Gaming,downtime

Yuuuup. I have received treatment for my gaming addiction to PS4. I never thought on was THAT bad but according my wife, parents and kids, I was. In the early years of diagnosis, I played religiously and said, “Well, I’m playing for physical therapy.” My disease affects my hands now which has forced me away. Less gaming leaves me more present in the lives of those around me. I’ve stepped up my Daddy game and have more time for homework, conversation, goals, etc.

6.) Entrepreneurship

I’ve been fired A LOT since my initial diagnosis. In each case, I was top new agent but would miss time due to MS symptoms during the probationary period. Eventually, I started doing everything I know as a service, independently, and BOOM, entrepreneur. Noooope, I’m not balling yet but I can point at the growth of my stuff and already identified trouble spots and how to improve going forward.

5.) My Communication

I was good before but with my attention on GAP, Gratitude, Attitude, Passion, I am even better. I used to listen for counter points because communication was about taking my respect and winning the argument. 3yrs later, I’m desperately trying to understand your perspective so I can learn something. I openly admit to being a people watcher and feel the intense need to help and inspire others.

4.) I’m a Goal Hunter

One of my favorite improvements since diagnosis is the learned ability to hunt goals, stay on track, persistent and consistent. I used to quit when I didn’t enjoy stuff. It wasn’t the level of difficulty, it was enjoyment of the activity. I’ve learned how to finish what I start, note and chart progress and most importantly, how to adapt.

3.) My Patience

I’ve written an entire blog about this particular observation brought to my attention by my kids. “Daddy, you don’t get mad anymore.” -my high school senior-

2.) Writing!

*single, slow tear falls* Writing is keeping me sane! It started with blogging, reading about how-to blog and Pinning blog related stuff. All of this activity centered around researching MS but gradually morphed into more. I bored of the MS subject matter and it can sincerely drag your spirits because I was deep into telling my story instead of living my story. I started reading for leisure which opened my writing as I decided to pen the novel I hoped for. When MS keeps me up at night, I’m writing. Awesome memory? I’m writing. Scared to death? Yup, going in the book. All day, my minds wanders and bounces various storylines, plot twists, character development. I can’t focus on my symptoms and hardships because I live in my own wonderful imagination with 100% control of the events!

1.) Appreciate my own strength & resilience

Finally, I acknowledge and appreciate my own strength and resiliency dealing with this disease. I marvel at own my ability to cry, suck it up and keep going. I openly encourage myself now and am more aware of my negative self-talk. I am one strong MUTHAFUGGA.



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