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The Handi-Pac

Let me start with this, I don’t get excited about many products for the handicapped, disabled or “mobility-deficient”. I suffer from Progressive Multiple Sclerosis so my symptoms are wide-spread and consistently inconsistent. I struggle with memory issues, balance and coordination, mobility (Yup, two different things, believe me), chronic pain, lack of sensation in the arms, hands, etc. Rarely does any single product offer the expansive help I require so I stopped looking years ago. The Handi-Pac actually addresses a lot of what I have mentioned:

Memory Issues

Noooo, the Handi-Pac does NOT improve my mental capacity or memory. What it does is offer an assortment of straps, clips, pouches and even a reflectors that make it harder to forget this actual bag! I’ve had several bags meant to keep me organized but none have these kind of options and accessories. Prime example, I was at a night function with my wife and couldn’t find my bag. Thanks to the reflectors, we found the bag quite quickly.


The bag is designed to be held against the shins. This is huge for people like me because it frees our arms for other stuff. Within arms reach, I have 2 cup holders, all my stuff and no chance of falling.


Yup, this is different. By mobility I mean, the bag has its own separate laptop bag in case you don’t need the whole thing. Folks, THAT is mobility because I’m not going too far and but usually need laptop, clipboard, spiral and chargers. The laptop bag is big enough to hold all my basic necessities in one unit.

Okay, now that we have my “special” likes out the way, let’s get into the Handi-Pac. The size is outrageous and I mean that as a sincere compliment. I blog and write from home but struggle without a true home office area. The Handi-Pac holds two laptops, multiple spirals, clipboard, Kindle, chargers, snacks, two drinks AND comes with its own solid brace board. For me, the board makes the perfect lightweight dish tray. The lock buttons took a few days to get used to but they are superior to regular buttons. The lock buttons give a sense of security and safety because at no time do I feel like things are going to fall off. At the same time, when we hit the courthouse security machines and stuff, it popped off so quickly that the officer complimented me. It may be a small consolation prize but I appreciate the simple black styling. I spend oodles of time dressing, Multiple Sclerosis has crazy temperature sensitivity, and the Handi-Pac’s black matches everything. There are no bright color patterns to “beautify” it or give it “pop”; no big, artistic lettering to make it stand out, just black and efficient. 

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