And NOW, I accept my GREATEST Challenge: No Cannabis for Multiple Sclerosis

A detailed account of why I'm trying the No Cannabis Challenge even though I have Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.

You probably wondering WHY. What would make a Multiple Sclerosis patient, progressive stage, handicapped/disabled and working part-time gigs even try such a challenge? Easy there Playa. First, your lil handicapped homie is broke and although cannabis is cheaper than chemotherapy and stuff, it still costs money. Second, I have become such an absolute, freaking BEAST with my Gratitudes that my mind is stronger, heart is bigger and spirit higher. I got four awesome kids, a hard-working wife and bunch a wack bills. Decisions gotta be made and I’ve been curious for a long time, “Could I thrive without cannabis?” Here we go.

I’m something of a story-teller so backstories, origins and in-the-beginnings are my thing. That being said, I’ve been a consistent weed smoker since the early 90s. When I quit DMDs (disease modifying drugs) and healthcare in 2017, I transitioned to a cannabis user. Differences between weed and cannabis really come down to the grade or quality. Weed is normally low-grade, cheap and a literal crapshoot on what strain it is. Cannabis is higher quality, specific strains and a literal crapshoot on price and availability. I can afford weed but after 2 solid years of treating Multiple Sclerosis with cannabis, I am well aware of the pitfalls. One, I need specific strains for specific symptoms. Example? Sure thing, indica for managing pain. (____). Weed isn’t strong enough to dull the various painful afflictions and often complicates matters by making me hyper aware of the issue. Sativa gives me energy, uplifts my spirits and generally keeps me sane. Through trial and error, I developed a nice system of medicating myself as needed and have been able to actually work those part-time gigs.

It’s been 2 years and I’m ready to take on this challenge. My routines, diet and perspective are the foundation of my success. I’ve written a self-improvement ebook (____) that details everything and I believe this No Cannabis Challenge offers an incredible opportunity to prove myself to MYSELF again. I want cannabis to be my tool, not a dependency. There are so many elements to me that I’ve prepared new strategies to address the No Cannabis mission.

2nd Mantra: A.R.M.

I’m borrowing this from the military. Okay, maybe I’m straight hustling this off the military but it’s too late now. I use GAP (Gratitude, Attitude, Passion) when feeling bad or needing a pick-me-up. I’m ARM to keep myself focused during this challenge. Assess. Remix. Move on. Whatcha think? Everyday, all day, I will assess/monitor my own health by noting and marking how my body feels. Am I noticing more pain? Is the inflammation increasing? Most importantly, where are my thoughts heading? It’s up to me to address these issues by “remixing” my plans. That may look like cancelling some activities because I can’t follow through or not even scheduling certain stuff. Remixing may require tightening the reigns of my diet and increasing my water. Finally, “Move on”. I must hold myself to be GRATEFUL and move on. I can’t let the dark thoughts build up and start blaming myself for shit. Da lil handicapped homie gotta move on and whip out the yoga, meditation, water, reading, POSITIVE social media, whatever is necessary but move TF on.


Water didn’t become a true part of my improvement until recently but it is now. Yup, I know the Dr. Sebi claims and familiar with his winning legal defense of curing various disease. I’m replacing cannabis with water. The hydration will definitely help with my stomach and digestion issues. Before, I used cannabis strains to settle my stomach pains but during the challenge, I’m predicting that a well hydrated body will have less issues with bowel movements, urinating, cramps, etc. For about 7months, I’ve ended my daily yoga routines and work out sessions with indica strains to reduce soreness. I’m switching that to water with the expectancy it will be 2 months to gauge the effect. Water should help with soreness, tightness and the like but I’m sure not right away.


Pescatarian since March 1st, 2017, I’ve blogged, bragged and beat my chest about the benefits. I’m stepping my diet up by dropping milk products. I’ve noticed for years that milk products have immediate negative effects on body. I didn’t fix it because a good indica heavy blend would calm my stomach. Welp, no more of that so scratch off the grilled cheese & ice cream. Dang, I’m already missing Moollenium Crunch by Blue Bell! 🀣🀣🀣

CBD products

I admit to experimenting with CBD waaaaay back in 2017. I was just starting my whole positive-cannabis-no DMDs journey and the CBD was a failure for me. Now look, I was jaded and extremely prejudiced because cannabis worked sooooo well. Hey, times change, people grow up and I’m one of them. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ I’m using the challenge to try CBD again, clear head, reasonable expectations.

Tough times call for tough people. Incurable diseases require amendable people. I am both and I know it because I survive despite Multiple Sclerosis. Surving is nowhere near enough tho. Like Megan said, “THRIVING is the goal.” I’m undertaking this challenge to expedite thriving. I can’t thrive as long as cannabis is a daily activity. You know what? YES, I can thrive with cannabis because I’ve proved it already. I want know if I can thrive WITHOUT cannabis. Here we go with an emphasis on A.R.M. πŸ˜‰



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