A poem of historical facts about Black folks written to encourage pride and promote questions.

The truth is, my people,

we’ve been lied to all along

for far too long;

so, when the truth sings,

listen to the song.

Now, I warn you,

the Truth hurts

and it’s hard to accept it all.

Focus your mind.

Quit trying to “ball”.


you’ll trip over The Truth

unprepared for the fall.

I’ll do everything I can 

to make this a smooth transition.

Place you in a better position

to visualize the common opposition.

They’ve brainwashed Kings, 


blacks and browns.

Folks scared to claim their homeland

for fear of being clowned.

Pumped our heads with

civilizations of Romans and Greeks

but didn’t tell US shit 

bout how Africans and Phoenicians

sailed the seven seas.


Guess y’all ain’t know?

Couple of hundred years before Columbus,

Africans visited the Americas,

stepped on shore.

Left behind our bones and art,

the essence of our arrival.

It fucked up my head

when I learned 

how much changed in the bible.

The Book of Eden 

probably isn’t even in 

the relic you’re reading.


It left too many hints and clues

that Africa was the DA SPOT

before Adam and Eve paid dues.

Ethiopia was the first Christian state

BUT get this straight,

history we learned gives ALL

credit to the Romans 

that killed Yoshua ben Yosef anyway.

Got other cultures all happy

to celebrate Christmas Day.

Excited because we see things their way;

hustled US backwards 

by flipping the script on the book.

Y’all better use your mind.

Peep what’s behind that picture.

Ask questions.

Take another look.

Saturnalia is what you’ll find.

When Romans got drunk,

Men raped each other,

No one was prosecuted for the day’s crime.

In order to improve 

the perception of the culture,

Michelangelo painted white pictures

of Yoshua ben Yoseph.

Roman Emperors renamed the Savior

Jesus Christ,

one is who annointed.

Then, pacified the populations

with weekly church appointments.

Before all that,

people get crunk about Thanksgiving.

Can’t wait to say blessings,

eat a lil turkey.

Not me, the MS Outlaw,

I’m through with celebrating 

a holiday of genocide.

That was the day, 

the Pope of Rome and 

Queen of Spain

killed every Muslim,

in their country,

that wouldn’t accept Christianity

or convert to their religious side.

Guess where they were from?

What is now Turkey.

Now, you know

what started 

the tradition of eating turkey.

The Truth is a BITCH

but the lies make some folks 



Chained our ancestors 

To Jesus Christ.

If you didn’t know

Jesus Christ was the name

of the first slave ship.

Isaac Newton didn’t discover or name gravity.

His theory came from the black people of Egypt.

Ain’t THAT some shit?

Aristotle, Socrates, Plato.

Y’all know

they supposedly brought us 

philosophy and astronomy.

Yoooooo, Ancient Egypt

been mapped the stars and thinking deep tho


While I’m on Egypt,

dude from “The Mummy,”

remember him?

Evil Imhotep.

He was worshipped.

Not known but

worshipped in Greece and Rome

as a Black African,

Father of Medicine,

First great architect,

AND mathematician.

The Truth is like a magician.

One minute you see it,

next you don’t.

Look hard enough

you’ll see through the lies and illusions;

most of US won’t.


they peep Africa’s current situation,

feeling like there is nothing to be proud of.


quit hanging your head.

Majority of African countries

didn’t get independence till the 60s.

No country ever took 60yrs

to get ahead.

(Well, Japan did.)

Let me paraphrase

from the holy book,

“The day will come 

when what was last,

shall be first.”

Pay attention homies.

Witness the metamorphosis

of our people, 

our homeland,

The Truth is gon hurt.


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