4-star Review: Clear Springs Nacogdoches

My review of the restaurant Clear Springs Nacogdoches

A top 3 restaurant in Nacogdoches and the place for business meetings, 1st dates, proposals and everything in-between. I KNOW this because I’ve been bringing my wife here for 18 years! Yup, first date. Yup, after the proposal too. The parking can be difficult but the food is great! The World Famous Onion Rings are always my starter, crispy, crunchy, onions fresh and not a single “gummy-like” bite. These are the BESTEST onion rings I’ve ever had. Once I’ve had my rings and cold beer, I’m going with fried catfish and jumbo shrimp aka Little Buddy. I enjoy the catfish because it has a solid, spicy kick. My wife digs the Firecracker Salmon because of the sauce. Well, it is gooood anyway but the sauce takes it over the top. Even my in-laws love this place! They stick to the chicken fried steak or chicken fried chicken and brag on how its breaded.



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