5-star Review: Hoodadak

My 5-star Review: Hoodadak

Okay, my team was ‘geeking and fiending’ to come here because we heard soooooo much about their wings. (Mind you, I’m Pescatarian)

From the words of my team, “BRO! WE HATE YOU CAN’T EAT CHICKEN BECAUSE THESE ARE AWESOME!” They raved about those wings all doggone night. Flavor was right. Chicken wasn’t fried too hard. A biggie for them, maybe YOU too, is having equal wings vs drummettes. Yup, they got that one too. Now enough about their meal…

I had calamari and fries with Kimchi. Yes, mine was hitting too. Calamari was spongy yet crisp on first bite. BOOM. The kimchi didn’t make my fries soggy and wow did it have flavor! The food was so good we ordered Kimchi fries for later and forgot about them. We hit pool for a few hours, got hungry, found the fries and they were still good!



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