2-star Review: Woodlands Cinemark 17 and XD (Woodlands Mall Movies)

My 2-star Review: Woodlands Cinemark 17 and XD (Woodlands Mall Movies)

High prices are customary for movies. I’m a movie junkie and still HATE those ridiculous prices. Cinemark 17 makes it WORSE with tiny, small restrooms. Handicapped y’all so you KNOW I’m extra close attention. Speaking of tiny… Those teeny, weeny, shriveled, little, tiny parking spaces are tough on the da lil handicapped homie to get in and out the car. (Of course handicapped was full šŸ˜‘). The extra parking lot is rarely open so driving around stalking the people leaving is quite expected… I can go on but I gotta move on. The wings look dry but are even drier. I can’t believe the beer WASN’T cold šŸ™„. Wine based margaritas made a few of our movie party quesy enough to step OUT the movie for RR runs! Why does it earn 2-stars with so much crap? Easy. The seats are comfy as HECK. I’m handicapped with BIG space for myself and there’s even a spot for my walker to fold up and hide.



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