Kendrick Avant 3-star Review: B-52 Brewing Co.

Cool beans atmosphere! It’ll take awhile to go through this amazing selection of beer. The prices are much cheaper than we anticipated and the kids took their time with the old fashioned root beer. (GOOD thing because I grow tired of their unquenchable thirst). We didn’t attack the food truck like we should have so no review there, gotta be honest. Some of the menu was: brisket quesadillas, pot stickers and chicken teriyaki skewers. WE SHOULD HAVE ATTACKED THE FOOD TRUCK, Southwestern Eurasian! Back to B-52, music selection was really good, lots of jazzy type instrumentals. It was played at just the right volume so the wife and kids could enjoy their phones/devices, while I felt comfortable talking on the phone and the nice-sized crowd did its thing. What I’m saying is, BIG outside chillaxing area!

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