3-star Review: Bahama Bucks Shaved Ice Eatery

My 3-star Review: Bahama Bucks Shaved Ice Eatery

Cool spot but NOT worth it. The high school kids and their antics make it “suspect” to bring your own little ones. Yelling, table hopping, high school customer-to-high school employee ferociously flirting, people “holding” spots in the customer line for friends, it was crazy. Y’all KNOW I’m big on restrooms and these weren’t very clean, trash cans full, stalls filthy, etc. I really think the HS dudes were a fault. The variety of options was expansive but we tapped out and grabbed the simple classics, blackberry, bubble gum and cotton candy. I just wasn’t impressed. To top off a bad visit, their shaved ice was light on flavor. The clerk explained that was a mistake buuuut….



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