3-star Review: The Crawfish Joint

My 3-star Review: The Crawfish Joint

Off the top, it took a few months before I bothered to even look at their complete menu! What is that? Example, I’m Pescatarian so the only meat I eat is fish and seafood. First time, it’s my squad and I order the catfish but no catfish or something was with catfish. Cool beans, I order the wedge salad but it didn’t the correct dressing. To their credit, I was warned before ordering so I accepted my fate. It was regular as it gets. Second time, I think there was an issue with the Po-boy, I can’t recall. I ordered the catfish with EXTRA seasoning on fries. Catfish? Hmmm, it gets solid B as grade. Fries? C- and that’s being nice. They were extremely bland with that did-they-reheat-these-fries feel. Hushpuppies as well. Wait, I don’t think I got my hushpuppies. I went rogue and requested Corona Familiar (I knew better) but it wasn’t offered so I went tap. There was an issue with the particular tap I ordered so I ended with Modelo (can’t complain about Modelo). Best part of the night was the BYOA! My squad ran through a bottle of vodka, no Ginger Ale or tonic, and kept Sprite coming. Everybody enjoyed their plates, including the kids, burgers, fried pickles, 2lbs of crawfish. Again, the BYOA was the highlight.



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