4-star Review: Lupe Tortilla

My 4-star Review: Lupe Tortilla

YO! I GET DOWN WITH Lupe Tortilla! Kicked off with genuine looking smiles and knowledge from our waiter, Q and Jafari. The staff doesn’t get enough props for holding a restaurant up, happy faces, checking on your table, quick responses, etc. It was cool beans how the two worked together and much appreciated. Second, spot was super clean and that was obviously a focus (with flu JUMPING like this?). NOW, the food? We went vegetarian tacos and the mushroom lupe, both were great. If you’re a whichever-is-bigger type person, do NOT choose the lupe; its small. Charro beans have bacon so watch out! The black beans were awesome as well. Spaghetti squash ended really good smand carried a swee aftertaste. When they’re cool, not good but hot was on point. Honestly, I’d come back JUST for the salsa, chips black beans.



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