4-star Review: Star Cinema Grill

My 4-star Review: Star Cinema Grill

This is my new go to Movie spot! Quite pricey but you’re paying for some serious options here folks. I’m talking multiple salads, with multiple dressings AND any of them can be turned into a wrap with fries. #BOOM for us Pescatarians and Vegetarians (Sorry Vegans, y’all kinda on your own). The family dug into the samplers, sweet potato fries, chips/salsa, fried pickles, cheese sticks. The fried pickles were actually spears and done well. Beer selection was cool beans too, Blue Moon, 8th Wonder, Karbach, but again, PRICEY. The wine selection was about the same. Margaritas had enough kick to notice and that’s a true compliment from me. The bathrooms were really small, like no urinals or handicapped stall (maybe I missed them?). Bottom line, we’ll be back because it blows the local competition out the water!



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