4-star Review: Tom’s Auto Repair

My 4-star Review: Tom's Auto Repair

The ULTIMATE testimony to my trust and admiration of Tom’s Auto Shop is this, I live in Willis but still bring my cars here for work. Oh YES sir and ma’am, I drive the 25miles, past several BIG NAME auto repair chains and oodles of Mom-N-Pop spots to see Tom instead. It started innocent, 10 years I was price matching for some under-the-hood work on a BMW, Tom charged 40% less than the first three estimates. The kicker, he didn’t offer to match, advertise to match and I didn’t bring it up. Same thing happened the next few years. It started being a game, I would refer Tom, brag he would charge less and BET someone. He always did and has. Why not 5-stars? Easy. Tom is a small operation running off honesty and referrals. I can’t bring the ride on Friday and think it’s back Saturday because Tom is closed on weekends and holidays. Even so, the drive & the no-weekends are an easy trade off to know you ride is done right and at a honest price.



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