Multiple Sclerosis, Kratom, Cannabis, Sage and diet changes

A summary of why I use Eastern Medicine to treat Multiple Sclerosis

I have no better way to start this. As a former middle school teacher, I am appalled at my own choice of words to title this but it is that serious from the jump. Heal? The 2017 documentary? (Kids call 2017 “old school” but whatevs) Yoooo… that joint blew my mainframe. I know I’ll get a subject, start reminiscing, throw out examples and generally joke my way to the message or point but not here.

‘I didn’t know I was hopeless until watching Heal gave me hope.‘ ~Multiple Sclerosis Outlaw~

šŸ˜‘šŸ˜‰ I have MS and I’m proud of it. I thrive with MS and I inspire others by my outlook. I write blogs bragging about MS making me patient, present and passionate. *thumps chest* I published a self help ebook šŸ˜ (If you can’t GET better, BE better – available on Amazon here) that chronicles my journey towards accepting and living with an incurable disease or three. Until I watched, I didn’t understand that I was accepting a prognosis and building a life around that acceptance. I didn’t believe it was possible to beat MS, walk again or even conquer a simple symptom. I just decided, “šŸ–•šŸ¾ MS. I’m going to make the best of this and shine the whole way.” Nope, the film didn’t show anybody defeating MS. Matter fact, it opened early with a MS/Lymes disease patient and never showed the lady again. Whole damn hour and half later, nothing on MS and she didn’t speak again. That is not what shook my foundation and caused this epiphany that I hopeless. It was the numerous specialists, scientists, witnesses, leaders and anything “cooky” in-between that opened my eyes to my own bullshit ass negative theme of acceptance, not healing. It was the testimony of those others that got me. If I would have watched this anytime before Feb. 17, it probably would have gone over my head. Feb. 17th was special though. That was the Monday after a long weekend of falls, congestion, tremors, bladder/bowel issues and a bunch of other mess. That Monday, I was struggling with kids home for President’s Day. Y’all know what kind of day I’m chopping. (Chopping = reviewing for newbies!) All this set-up means that I WAS READY TO RECEIVE. I needed something new, fresh, different to combat how I was feeling. BOOOOOM! šŸšŖ Heal kicked in my door.

Eastern Medicine, Spiritual Healing, Energy Healing, etc.

The first piece that caught my attention after the MS lady was the white guy giving an introduction to Eastern Medicine. Now, when I think Eastern Medicine; images of African kingdoms, Ghengis Khan and old Mother Russian come to mind. *Look, it’s MY mind not yours* From there, I was wide open fiending for more. It sounded like a secret code to my ears! I mean Western medicine declared me incurable and predicted a life of total dependence on others for food, shelter, freaking bedpans. For lack of better words or maybe just to be consistent; if Western medicine wasn’t gon f*ck with me, let’s see about the Eastern shit. What is Eastern Medicine? I was wondering too and loved it as I cobbled pieces, images, advice, videos together. Eastern Medicine is the belief/practices that involve using the mind to heal the body. So we chopping stuff like yoga (I already do), meditation (I already do), diet (I already do), music (I already do), negative people/influences (I already do), Mantras (I already do), awareness (I already do), religious connection (OR spiritual connection which I claim in Omnism)… Hell yeah I can keep going but I’m sure y’all want me to move on! The blazing sword of realization was that I practiced Eastern Medicine the last few years and the evidence of my improvement is apparent AF. I thought it was my mind, heart, and soul that strengthened while I just quit tripping on how f*cked my body was. I hadn’t registered that my body was improving with my mind, heart and soul. Sure, I can do little things like stand longer, stand alone, use RR a little better, my tremors/pain/symptoms are all manageable. DAWG. SIS. It never hit me that those things were signs of more than me just “managing the inevitable decline”. That shit proved I am FUCKING GETTING BETTER! Eastern Medicine is working.

What else have I learned? Give your body instructions to heal.

“People have more faith in the power of disease to kill us than in the power to heal.” At about the 1 hour, 30min mark, some doctor dropped this nugget. She wasn’t lying either. That summed up my theme, how I thought. I learned a ridiculous amount of unnecessary but amazingly relevant information as well. Shoot, maybe I should say I was presented with a preposterous bundle of professionally interesting information, terms, facts, ideals, off-the-reservation treatments and groundbreaking scientific techniques. Ever heard of neuroacoustics? Ayurveda? How about this one, psychoneuroimmunology? Shhhhhiiiiiiii…. da lil handicapped homie was virgin to all that stuff too but I’ll tell you the key thing I immediately implemented and felt was/is/will be effective for me was Give your body instructions to heal. There was a testimony by a Dr. Dispenza. Long story short, he was biking, hit by car, never supposed to walk around but skipped surgery and walking/riding within 3mo. How? He ‘gave his body a blueprint of healing by meditating on images to repair. A lady with lymphoma was given days to live, in a coma and walked out cancer free within weeks. How? She dreamed her father explained how she got cancer and how to dissolve it. When she awoke, her body did it to the mystery of modern medicine. How am I going to attempt to replicate their success? Slow down there Tito, DAMN! *2000 Mystikal voice* The next day, Tuesday, I awoke crunk as heck that I would beat the chest congestion. I put the words, HEAL-RID-REMOVE-REPAIR, on my tv and meditated on those instructions. All day, I fought back by focusing my thoughts on those healing instructions. Heal myself. Rid the mucus. Remove the inflammation. Repair the nerves. Know what happened? The meditation went almost triple the length. Yup, I felt triple the goodness too. The age old, hot teas, drink water, blow your nose, gargle salt water, breathe over boiling water stuff worked for the first time ever. I hated that stuff growing up and would beg my parents for regular medicine. By Wednesday, I felt so good with the chest congestion that even my kids remarked, “Dang Daddy! You got better quick!” Want more? I slipped a disc and pinched a nerve on Tuesday too. The pain was a 9 of 10 only because I assume gunshots and childbirth are worse. On Thursday, I was at my wit’s end with the pain and dark thoughts that I would have to get used to my new life of bedbound-ness and physical torture. At some point, the whole HEAL-RID-REMOVE-REPAIR crossed my mind so I meditated with it. 12min later, I could think rationale again and genuinely felt like my inflamed areas were improving. I’m NOT lying! 48hrs of anti-inflammatories, painkillers, bedrest, heating pads, cannabis and I felt no improvement. 12min of healing words and I felt solidly in my movements, smile and attitude. Maaaaaaaaan….. I just had a real breakthrough to mirror my epiphany with Eastern Medicine.

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