4-star Review: Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen

My 4-star Review: Gringo's Mexican Kitchen

I am a true fan of Gringos and needed to evaluate this specific location for own personal accomplishments. Freshly released from parental duties and refusing to go home early, we attacked Gringos with a plan to drink and eat light. When the waiter heard the plan, he took care of business and even shared a tip. “Order drinks frozen because they’re stronger than on the rocks.” Oh yes, he was handsomely rewarded for such insider trader secrets and we promptly obeyed. The Grand Gusano Margarita was awesome and I liked it more than the signature Cadillac Margarita. I don’t remember the Star Spangled Margarita but I’m sure it was good because I finished it. A hallmark of good tex-mex is the complimentary chips and salsa. The chips MUST be able to hold salsa without breaking AND the salsa can’t be runny, yuck. Fortunately, Gringos doesn’t have either problem and our waiter kept our salsa full so we weren’t scraping the inside.



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