3-star Review: LightLife Jumbo Smart Dogs (plant-based hot dogs)

My 3-star Review: LightLife Jumbo Smart Dogs (plant-based hot dogs)

Aight. Call me cool beans with these. Personally, I can’t answer the question, “Do they taste like REAL hot dogs tho?”. I’ve been Pescatarian since 2017 so it’s been a looooong time since I had a REAL hot dog. What I can say is this, they definitely have the texture, consistency and appearance of a hot dog. With all the “fixings”, I give the LightLife Jumbo Smart Dogs a solid B+. Without all the additives like chili, onions, relish, condiments, jalapenos, they a high C. I loved hot dogs in my former life, sausages and links too, and these definitely hit the spot. My 1st grader and 5th grader couldn’t tell the hot dogs were plant based but my 8th immediately called foul. 🀣🀣 He’s the only kid who refuses to buy into my diet so he didn’t have the vegetarian chili either. I’m sure he would have missed the difference. The price was THAT bad either, bout $5 at Kroger, WITHOUT Kroger coupons and stuff. I’m keeping these in my eating repertoire because there’s so much more I can try, grilled, no chili, sweetbreads, etc.



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