4-star Review: BBQ Godfather (food truck at Deacon Baldy’s in Conroe)

My 4-star Review: BBQ Godfather (food truck at Deacon Baldy's in Conroe)

THIS is my wife’s favorite bbq joint! We have followed their food truck from Bernies Backyard to Deacon Baldy’s Bar and Food Trucks. I really should say my whole family’s favorite bbq but the kids don’t wanna hurt Daddy’s feelings. It’s all good because I am well aware that the Black Angus Brisket platter is far beyond my grilling skills and pitwork. Shoot, even their pickles taste fresh and give plenty of snap with each bite. For me, the true test of great brisket is if the meat doesn’t require bbq sauce. This brisket is that example, even without sauce that smoky flavor jumps out. The sides are pickles(previously mentioned), onions and jalapenos. All three are fresh, pop when bitten and work well with the brisket to alternate flavors and keep the palette happy. Our kids get down with the links and sausage. They love the bbq recipe and try to save it for…ahem, other bbq.



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