4-star Review: Saigon USA Pho & Grill

My 4-star Review: Saigon USA Pho & Grill

YOOOOOOO!!! This is an absolute gem. The wife and I snuck in for early 7pm dinner on a random Monday. I mentioned that because it made my expectations low. We started our customary appetizer, edamame, and it was fantastic. Hot and draped in garlic, we both enjoyed every single bean. Her beef pho was good enough to kept her from giggling at my jokes while my shrimp vermicelli came separated and dry. It was outstanding. I regularly order vermicelli but the way these carrots, greens, shrimp, noodles, etc were neatly compartmentalized shocked me. The jalapenos were fresh but not too strong. Overall, I was thoroughly impressed. Why the four stars? The menu selections were rather limited; especially if you’re anticipating a plethora of seafood choices. The spring roll were awesome but small and only two per order.



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