4-star Review: The Blue Fish (seafood restaurant)

My 4-star Review: The Blue Fish (seafood restaurant)

First time going and the rumors of its excellent platters were a welcome truth. First, Yelpers get a free appetizer. Yup, you read right, free. The edamame was the least impressive of our meal, $1.50 extra for spicy (It wasn’t spicy), very wet, not enough garlic. The sushi sampler & sashimi sampler were awesome. Fish tasted really fresh and rice stayed together after some Lebron James dunks into soy sauce. The tuna tacos were great too but both fit into one hand so be prepared NOT to share. The Yellowtail scallion roll beat the spicy salmon roll but the summer roll was the best appetizer roll. Sapporo draft finished off a really good experimentation.



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