4-star Review: Urban Air Adventure Park

My 4-star Review: Urban Air Adventure Park

I loved it. The grown mothers loved it. The grandmothers loved it. The fellas drank beer and cracked jokes on each other’s kids getting bombed during frantic games of dodge ball. Even the older kids, aka moody teenagers, were excited at strapping on safety vests and zip cords to walk the ceiling high railed walkways. We had a blast! There were the big pits of soft spongeballs that kids could dive into. There were ropes, rails and swings in separated caged areas throughout the complex. Dodge ball games were orchestrated by employees. Picnic table eating areas littered the main floor or reserve a room on the 2nd floor overlooking the complex. The place closes at 8pm on weekdays so be sure to discuss and detail this with your birthday girl/boy. The only mistake made with this family party was that; we needed more time!



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