4-star Review: Dizzy Pies (food truck at Deacon Baldy’s)

My 4-star Review: Dizzy Pies (food truck at Deacon Baldy's)

FIRST of all, da lil handicapped homie supports everything at the Deacon Baldy’s Food Trucks. Seriously, the list of craft beer is extensive, staff is super friendly, bartenders speak fluent beer, it’s great. (Had to get that tidbit in.) Dizzy’s Pies? Yup, go for it. Now, that doggone Southbend pizza that they’ve mastered? That mug immediately stole our attention. Yoooo, it has mexican creme, beef fajita, grilled onions, cheese, cilantro, lime… My kids devoured it at a historic pace. They fought over the last slices! My wife was not so impressed with the Mexican creme. To paraphrase, “after the first slice, I just didn’t want a 2nd slice. The flavor was good but I was over it quickly.” That was just pizza #1 and we have every intention of trying everything on their menu.



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