4-star Review: Rana’s Mexican Grill

My 4-star Review: Rana's Mexican Grill

SNAP! People, this is my 2020 Conroe Hidden Diamond! I don’t even have such a list but after my first visit Rana’s Mexican Restaurant, I have started one. It’s tucked away in a tiny shopping strip so it’s easy to miss. Heck, I’ve seen it several times and kept rolling because there are so many that nothing stands out. Rana’s caught my attention via Yelp reviews, a freaking 4.5 stars with over a 100 total ratings. #Beast Start with the chips and salsa. It tastes authentic as heck, wasn’t runny, mild kick, served HOT. I told my wife right away, like on chip #6, ‘Lookahea. I gotta good feeling about this joint so gon grab some guacamole too’. The guacamole was even better than the salsa, thick, chunky tomatoes, seasoned well. My wife and I both knocked on wood because everything was tasting so good, servers were around-but-not-too-much-around. We ordered Jumbo Margaritas, frozen and on the rocks. It was a toss up on which was stronger.Ā  The Mrs. went with chicken fajitas and she liked them. I grabbed a Fajita Salad with shrimp. It was AWESOME SAUCE. Veggies were fresh and get this… more shrimp UNDER the veggies!Ā  The entire experience was so enjoyable we actually ordered those apple churro sticks for dinner. Yup, those were dynamite too!



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