How I managed Multiple Sclerosis and the pandemic with NO healthcare

Overview of how my family is handling the covid-19 quarantine

Guuuuuuuurl… šŸ˜‘

DAWG. šŸ˜‘

I am digging TF out of this experience. Homies, I have Progressive Multiple Sclerosis so I’m very much in the Group-That-Should-Be-Shaking (immuno-suppressed, elderly, newborn) but check it, ya boi AIN’T tripping. Number one, I don’t take MS drugs anymore so my immune system is cool beans. I DO have the seriously chronic lung issues but still, I’m just NOT tripping. The quarantine works as a benefit for me because my social circle of friends and family, my physical interaction with people BEEN compromised due to the whole wheelchair/homebound with MS. I don’t be going NOwhere so my kids and wife kinda stuck, at the crib, with me and my antics. WIN for me! It gives me an incredible stream of Gratitudes and I feed off the energy of Gratitude. I focus on Gratitudes so much that I miss seeing or realizing that there is bullshit on the horizon. My wife, finna-be-18yr old senior, 8th grader, hell; everybody else thinks this is one of THOSE instances. I’m just high on everyone being home and missing how we can’t go anywhere, do stuff, eat out, etc. Believe it or not, I well aware of the gravity of this period. Man, I’m a devout, stout, TRUE believer in conspiracy theories. My mind and imagination work OT with possible, plausible-to-me explanations for closures, covid-19, bruh, I can blow your mind with my thoughts on this.

The school closings are my THING. I’m a former teacher so giving me grade-level, online materials and letting me loose? Bet. I’m good and got it under control. šŸ’ŖšŸ¾āœŠšŸ¾ I’m learning about my kids’ strengths and weaknesses OUTSIDE academics. It gives me more patience when dealing with them so much. Shoot, they’re learning patience as well! It has forced routines upon us that are benefiting too. There is all the time in the world to properly clean up, organize, share, read, watch movies, eat because there is nowhere we’re supposed to be but here. We started the 1989 film Glory to give my son visuals of the Civil War but it became a lesson on black history, racial tensions, inequality, everything with 2020 was prevalent in 1863. Next, we’re doing Madame C.J. Walker!

Since we’re respecting the quarantine like a MUTHAFUGGA, my high school senior daughter has lost, is losing, valuable time with her boyfriend. šŸ˜® As an overprotective father lacking the physical tools to be protective, WIN for me. I can’t pretend to be sorry about this one. Nope, I don’t have some outside-the-box perspective either. Now, it is 2020. They can sure enough use technology like FB, Snapchat, blah to see each other and communicate. It ain’t like MY days of just phone talking, “S’up gurl? You sleep yet?”. šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ˜‚ My other kids are missing their friends too. Not romantically, just miss seeing your potnas, your people. That one, I’m sympathetic. I miss mine too and the gradual loss of physical interaction can be maddening buuuuuuuut… They can talk/see their friends via social media, texts, *gulp* phone call. Just like I’ve grown to adjust šŸ˜‰. Most of my kids’ “friends” get on MY nerves anyway so less time with them, more with US. WIN.

Screentime? Awwwww, that’s easy as heck. I give out screentime based on book reading and book reports. Since nobody can really leave, PLENTY of time to get your reading in AND still get screentime. Before, I’ve tried this trick, reading time = screentime. I always felt bad because the kids had school, homework, activities, dance, football, etc. Now? šŸ¤— Yup, they got TIME. My senior is reading a paperback! No reading, poor job on chores/cleaning, bad teacher report (remember, we’re online homeschooling so I KNOW the teacher! šŸ˜‰)? Cool beans. Watch documentaries and ‘smarter’ t.v. with your parents in the living room.

Family games!!! I’m talking UNO. Dominoes. Charades. Guessing games. We balling out over here with family games. My son has a PS4 and thought he’d game forever during weekends, out-of-school, etc. Naw playa. That instrument is shared for beating each other up in Injustice and other basic competitive games. Of course, they prefer their electronics but this is quarantine season and family games are becoming popular again. We’re wrestling, play fighting and transition to cleaning garages, improving backyards, flowerbeds, walking/riding the block on bikes, scooters and wheelchairs (that is for me šŸ˜—). The kids are even playing scholastic games competitively on down times and weekends out of boredom! I love it! Snacks are lasting longer too. I knoooooow, shocking! How? Why? Probably because the kids are avoiding ME downstairs, posted up by the kitchen, blogging. They know I got questions, jokes, instructions, everything and I’m plugged into their actions on another level. Shoot, they know, I know, they KNOW you ain’t getting a snack unless certain things are done. You had PLENTY of time.

I’m telling y’all, da lil handicapped homie is THRIVING. Stuff is getting handled. I’m not worried. Kids just fine. Bills paid. Belly full. #Gratitude #Attitude #Passion

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