Day #11 HOME with the kids for quarantine: Daddy’s Academy of Gratitude – All about that normalcy SIS! Salud bc we got this. 🀞🏾

GREAT day this Happy Hump Day!

What an amazing day we had today. I know folks probably think that I’m exaggerating on my successes with this homeschooling buuuuuuut WHATEVER LADY/PLAYA! It is Day 11 of this quarantine/stay-at-home and my kids have NOT driven me crazy. Okay, *crosses heart* I yelled once. After Academy. At my son. In my defense, I did calmly explain what he was doing and how it made others feel THEN proceeded to “let loose and go old school Gorilla Daddy” on him. I was trying to prove a point, hope it worked and blah blah blah. Other than that, we’ve done well most days. Mondays, like any job/gig, are tough with slow responses, poor interaction and predictably off-task/goofy behavior. Tuesday was better but Wednesday was just… smoother than driving a new Cadillac. My MS was even better than yesterday too. I’m struggling with nerve pain but I know it is improving. We have a saying in the chronic illness community, “Not sure if I’m actually getting better or just getting comfortable with this shit.” It hits the nail on the head but yikes, it is kinda bleak and negative ‘Nancy-ish’. I am certain that my nerve pain is improving yet frighteningly aware how bad it is. I mean, ya boi barely moves in a bunch of directions/motions because he is anticipating a sudden, level 8.7, sharp, obliterating pain and it doesn’t hit. I’m slow poking around, taking my time for nothing. Now, seconds later, I’m jolted with neurosis and will momentarily lose use and feeling of both legs, one arm or some combination of the two but that shit is normal AF. (The nature of the disease. I’m feeling better with Eastern Medicine, GAP, etc but I’d be lying if I told you that I was physically improving. I’m not.) *sigh* … *sips a Karbach* I’m getting off track here and wandering down the rabbit hole. In terms of Multiple Sclerosis, today was a C-. In terms of Daddy’s Academy of Gratitude MUTHAFUGGA, it was an A-.

What Went Right

Our lunch & an ol’ skool movie selection

~Wanna know how my kids’ communication has improved?~

Definitely getting better. It is obvious that they’re cognizant of their crappy, negative, sarcasm and trying to change. Yup, some more than others but all are trying. YES. They try to draw attention to each other when I’m around in some sick, childish game of “GOTCHA!” but they are kids soooo. I knew it was going to be a process and expected all those things. What is important is that they are making a genuine effort. A lot of times, I hear, “Know what? Nevermind. I’m not even gonna comeback.” Yoooo, that is cool bean too. I want effort to improve how they communicate. I want them to speak positive stuff to each other. They are saying “thanks” more and the yelling is certainly down.

Today is an A- because everyone was at the table for breakfast by 8:45AM (posed to be 8:30). I am NOT tripping because Academics starts at 9:00AM and that was on point. We started the day with THREE laptops for three kids. OMG, what a difference that made. Nobody even fussed about which laptop to use even though there is a best laptop and worst laptop. Everyone was able to read at least one hour. #BOOM. There was so much less whining, teeth sucking, and whispering that I almost felt there was a mutiny undercover! Not a single time, did two kids need my attention at once. Shhhhhhiiiiiiiiiid, that is a win like a MUTHAFUGGA alone. The lunch and ol’ skool movie was Short Circuit, 1987. Yesterday, they admitted that they enjoyed the classics, enjoyed stopping till the next day, enjoyed hanging out and hearing stories of the times. Today, there was no belly aching and groaning about, “Whhyyyyy THAT one? Boooooo! *insert wack old timer joke*.” Nope, they jumped into their lunches and tried to get settled so I would start the movie even faster. Y’all know I was digging it but had to play it off.

Gratitude Assignment

I need to write them back! I have taken short cuts with the Gratitude Assignment for the past several days because I haven’t written them back. See, to “sell” the Gratitude Journals to my kids, I promised to write to them regularly. We have quotes, notes, analogies and all types of stuff in the Journals and it works best when I actually DO write responses, questions, answers, observations and especially PERSONALIZED AFFIRMATIONS. I haven’t written back because I’m always writing, blogging, homeschooling, helping clean and you know the obvious one, being sick as shit. I have to make time and complete my end. I’m noticing that they volunteer to help me more and that makes a brother feel goooood.

Meditation for misbehavior

This is some new stuff that I’m winging. The kids are asking to join me in yoga/meditation a lot these days. Sometimes, I run them a long session for their P.E. Today, I started making them sit back-to-back and meditate for a few minutes for misbehavior/negative energy. To ensure they did at least close their eyes and attempt to follow the breathing pattern, I sat in front of them and “guided” their meditation with keeping time and stating what to focus on thinking about. Did it work? They stopped what they were doing. How did they react? They were so shocked at my commands, instructions and follow through that it was just done. It would have hammered a point if I asked them about it at the end but I was tired. Day 12 tomorrow!

Link to Day 10

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