Day #12 HOME with the kids for quarantine: Daddy’s Academy of Gratitude – What I did when my kids had a BUNCH of school assignments.

My homeschool diary of Day 12. The kids had a BUNCH of assignments and I wasn't saving ANYBODY. 不不
No excuses when you LIVE at homeschool!

Two good days in a row! Well, two days of HOMEschooling with quarantine 2020 were good. (Yesterday was amazing!) Today, all of my kids were jumped by their assignments. 不不 Everybody had something for every single subject. I knew it was coming because I had checked their assignments too. *LOUD teeth sucking noise like an elementary child with NO hometraining* Maaaaaaaaaan PLEASE! What do I look like? Super Daddy? Naw Queen, da lil handicapped did NOT check assignments. I didn’t know there was so much work until I saw their little faces break as they scrolled through their appropriate learning website thingy. It was a thing of beauty to see. My high schooler’s counselor called to reinforce stuff was done early this morning. Good she did because I always assume my senior doesn’t need reminders since she graduates next month. My 8th and 5th graders were working until 4:30p/5pm (both usually done by 3pm) and my 1st grader finished up about 3:30pm (usually she is done by 2pm). All that work scared me. 中 I feared the onslaught of students calling/crying/demanding/rushing me for help. It happened when I was a teacher and it happened as the house too.

It never popped off crunk and dramatic like that! My first grader ALWAYS needs attention but even her work was built on the previous days so she didn’t need me either. The horseplay was at a low hum as well. With my son having so much stuff, he tried to remain as focused as possible and I gotta admit, he is the original mess-everybody-else-up-by-distracting-them King. He didn’t today because he worried I’d make him stay at the table and complete everything. He was damn right. No issues!

8th grade workout. I smash them with this for P.E.!

I did my best not to distract students myself. Yes, the assigned work was that serious. At our 2p – 3p P.E. break, we did my son’s football workout. As I’ve bragged before, I tore their tails off the bone with the workout. It was the only time that I felt comfortable cracking jokes and stirring up good times so I maximized the opportunity. We did every exercise, including the auxiliary selections. Yup, my son played up a fight about needing to finish his schoolwork but since it’s homeschool, he had plenty of time. Exercise hard now and finish up later. My 5th grader struggles the most with this workout. She blows yoga out the water but that whole lifting weights is not her gig. I’m only sharing this detail because it always her idea to do the football workout! She is ready to quit halfway through but I refuse to let her. “GURL! DO IT FO YA DADDY! HE CAN’T WALK SO MAKE HIM PROUD!!” After the workout, I sent them mugs outside for the remaining 30min of P.E. They can ride bikes, basketball, soccer, trampoline whatever but gon enjoy the beauty of a cool, Spring, sunny afternoon before the rain falls this weekend.

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