7 Things Couples, Like Us, Watch to AVOID what’s the news. šŸ˜‰

6 things for couple to watch on Netflix and 1 2019 movie

Couples like us? What in the Sam Hill Tarnations does THAT shit mean? To be honest, I don’t know. I have an idea but trying to illustrate that idea is a bit complicated. My wife and I aren’t the “we-watch-everything-together” types. If she claims a show/movie, I can’t watch it without her. šŸ˜ž (YUP. She’ll watch stuff I claim but that is another story!) In terms of viewing favorites or style, we start with series over movies, Netflix over Hulu, then it is wiiiiiiiiide open. Drama, stand-ups, comedies, docuseries, reality but action is probably our least favorite genre. We’ll hit the BIG screen theaters for Marvel, DC, John Wick, etc but even then, I’m pickier than a toddler with vegetables. šŸ˜‹ Guess the actual list will let you know if you and ya boo thang are a couple like us.

DISCLAIMER: These are in NO particular BUT graded:







This MUG was ridiculously funny! Many movies, series, everything give concentrated efforts to replicate the insane antics of Hangover part 1. Heck, Hangover 2 tried again! In my opinion, NONE of them do. It was too classicly fresh. Well, if babysitting and Hangover had an illegitimate love child, it would be Coffee and Kareem. Don’t let the picture fool you! This is NOT a family film at all. Matter fact, I learned some new cursing strategies my DAMN self! A-


Okay, da lil handicapped homie is a former Teacher of the Year. I taught History. I looooove Black History and ALWAYS incorporated Black History Month projects during February. Students had a choice of PowerPoint, model, song, act a scene, essay, all types of stuff but students had to choose a person of significant historical impact, LIKE MADAME CJ WALKER, and complete SOME-thing. This means I am aware her story wasn’t told perfect or even as I would but I still enjoyed it. My whole family, wife and kids, enjoyed it, asked questions, Google’d and researched facts, we straight up learned watching this film. B


WHOA. Speaking of learning, I’ve always wondered about the profession of master sommelier. You know. The folks that taste wine, swish it, smell the glass, spit in a cup, start proclaiming its roots, origins and suggesting what you should drink with your meal. To the sheer delight of my wife and I, this film pulls back curtains on the process. No way. Neither of us are interested anymore. The movies injects a bit of romance but focuses on family issues and the process. Added bonus, amazing soundtrack! B+


šŸ˜‘ DAWG. Netflix blows other docuseries out the freaking water. This is one of MANY and the 2nd on our list. The legal system of America takes another loss with the true story of 2 corrupt Massachusetts police drug labs. Of course, the ripple effect is investigated, the consequences on the affected parties and perpetrators’ backgrounds but its strength is in its length. SHORT. Other docuseries lose points because they are 2 or 3 hours too long, repeating information, presenting trivial details. This one? Only an hour too long. B-


I know. I know. I know. You’re tired of hearing, reading, seeing memes about Tiger King. It is everywhere! I agree. I was sick of it before watching it but yoooooo… “There are more big cats in American backyards than in the wild. PERIOD.” That opening fact caught my attention. I even put down my cellphone and got off social media. From there, my head was rocked with the brazen, rebel culture of building personal zoos, flaunting the wealth and feuding across state boundaries. This mug was CRAZY on a different level. A-


Maybe our favorite genre is crime because this makes 3 out of 7 total suggestions. Lost Girls was the slowest but the acting was pretty good. In layman’s terms, it examines the communication protocols and failings between police departments and cities. Sounds boring huh? It is but we kept watching based on that a strong lead character and the subject material. C+


I promised myself that I wouldn’t watch Queen and Slim. I knew the ending, spoilers, critical emotional parts, everything. I was deep into Black Twitter over the film LAST year, angry, cautious and unforgiving. I watched it because I lied to myself. Come on PLAYA! First date, you shoot a cop? The other person is a lawyer? On the run? That is the textbook definition of an Outlaw! Yup, I hated everything I expected to hate buuuuuuut, *looking sheepish* I LOVED the stuff I thought I would like. I dug the character development, the casting; shit, being honest, I liked the ending. Everything about this film felt authentic. A.

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