Day #14 HOME with the kids for quarantine: Daddy’s Academy of Gratitude – I’m waaaaay too MS’ed up to be stressing bout kids goofing off.

I’m thinking about making this PERMANENT.

I woke up without any extra pain this Monday! Yooooo, the joy of moving throughout the day, in your regular manner, at regular speed is underrated. It has been a full week since I could complete the standard round of yoga and meditation. I’ve been modifying both due to neurosis and nerve pain but today was my best in awhile. By the start of 9am Academics, I was rocking and rolling with motion, felt all my extremities, Gratitudes were up and I was ready. My kids? They came with good energy as well. Actually, I was shocked that they “arrived” on time. We treated Sunday night like it was Friday night for some strange reason. It was 10pm and my daughters were just slipping cookies in the oven. I wanted to say something. I could have said something. I ain’t say a DAMN thing! I mentioned a few times that Academy was going to kill them in the morning and those rascals sang in unison, “We got it Daddy. We’ll be ready and in good spirits.”

*music stops* šŸ˜‘ Huh?

Good spirits? What is this language that they speak? “Good spirits” like it’s 1918 or something. (Anybody catch the reference/joke? NO? The first flu epidemic that killed 5% of the population.)

NORMALLY, we operate like this. Not TODAY.

5:15pm is when they finished today. šŸ˜‘ It happens about once/week. They come downstairs, start late, finish slow and end up stuck in Academy past the usual 3:30pm-ish ending. To their credit, they were in position, seated, laptops on, book open. They just couldn’t hold focus on SHIT! The entire day, somebody would burst in melody, tune and lyric to random Tik Tok videos and radio hits. From kid #1 (HS senior that started it all) to kid #4 (who lost screentime for it), it was relentless, songs, dances, poor jokes across the room, nothing but goofing off. I chose not to participate. Nope, didn’t do it because if I played too, nothing would be finished. Instead, I made peace with the fact that they would be working on real school assignments past the normal “final bell”. They were too. This is one of the times I brag to myself that I’ve grown as a parent during the quarantine. I don’t destroy the day, for the whole house, by fussing and demanding that kids ‘stop playing fo’ I punish and reprimand folks.’ Do I allow pure pandemonium? Naw playa. I’m in full Daddy mode, staring at people off-task, telling folks stop/sit, reminding them that assignments must be complete before they eat DINNER. It was that raw. All that matters is that everyone turned in work appropriately and in a timely fashion.

I’ve been asked about our P.E. since I have Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

The last 4 yoga poses, dumbbell workout and meditation that we used today. It takes us 35-45min!

I’ve been pumping the benefits of yoga and meditation for a minute now. I blog about it. I talk about it. I recommend others begin. I watch documentaries and videos in improve my form, increase my arsenal of poses. I dig TF out of yoga and mediation. I’m 10mon into daily practice habits and often, I yoga several times in a single day. One of the advantages of homeschool is that exercise is becoming a family thing. We’re all getting into it. Well, not the wife or firstborn but everyone else. Yoga, workout and meditate is how we swing it. I’ve left the 6 dumbbell exercises, a few yoga poses and how we meditate. We tried to record the whole thing but something happened.

Gratitude Assignment

We’re going to get school lunches? YES! I like school lunches now!

My 8th grader talking to my HS senior.

No, this is not the Gratitude Assignment. This is my evidence that Gratitude Assignments and the consistent efforts to improve their communication are working. My kids have always complained and whined that school lunches were beneath them. Even in the earlier stages of the quarantine, they would not eat those school lunches. Today, they were excited than a MUTHAFUGGA about dem lunches! I thought it was because they got to leave the house, ride in the car. Naw, they were just grateful to get that free district meal. You know what we call that round hea? GROWTH!

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