15th Day of Quarantine &
homeschool: Daddy’s Academy
of Gratitude – “Kids have their routines down
so NOW, I’m building mine too.”

It's the 15th Day of Quarantine & homeschool. The kids are finding a groove, settling into routines. I can use this time to recreate new routines for myself.

Guess who STILL feeling like a “healthy muthafugga“? ME homie. Yaaaaaaas. Ain’t nothing like feeling better and this is my 3rd consecutive day so I am higher than the cost of living. Hell, I’m higher than the inflated price of toilet paper! On days like these, I am able to get things done at a feverish pace. I can remember conversations, steps and flat out ball through any issues. The kids are all getting into positive routines and habits as well. Yesterday, a bunch of goofing off resulted in late hours. Today, dem kids (students) were on their grizzy, grind, hustle, WORK. I’ve been floating between them all, answering questions, giving hints and offering tips to improve WHATEVER it is they’re doing. At some point, I knew I would have to focus myself. I’m building this home-based business and like the ol’ folks say, “If I don’t do it, nobody else will”.

Step 2. Figure out MY own damn routine!

Waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the days, I would rise at 4am to begin my day of blogging, branding, insurance, real estate and writing. It was imperative that I get certain details done before my kids got ready for school at 6am. They’re on buses 8am and I’m sliding into the business hours with a hot tea, freshly showered and best laptop for business activities. Da lil handicapped homie has Multiple Sclerosis so I’m napping before lunch and back ready to greet kids at 3pm after school. Obviously, that schedule is no longer a possibility with quarantine, homeschool and all the administrative duties. The time has arrived for me to dedicate energy, effort and planning to solidifying my craft. I’m a storyteller & writer in the mold of a “Melanin Aesop,” each of my tales and adventures are intended to teach something. Lately, I’ve been preoccupied establishing a foundation for Daddy’s Academy of Gratitude; it’s the priority. Weeeeeeeell, I’m confident that we’re good and grounded in our expectations so I’m off to remix my personal working schedule. It started with waking up later, yoga/meditation with their P.E., writing during my 1st grader’s reading time and finishing up during the Gratitude Activity. Here. We. Go.

I made them stay OUT-side the hour of recess. šŸ˜›

For real. šŸ˜‘ During P.E., I made them stay OUTside to play. Yup, even my high schooler. I’m not about to make anybody play, jump, run, nothing. I’m meshing their P.E. with my yoga/meditation but a few days of ‘two-a-days’ tore me up. I have to ease up. I stayed inside, had a drink, played videogames and they sat outside, looking at me, drinking their water. Was I wrong? šŸ–•šŸ¾

Whose side YOU on anyway? šŸ˜‰šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£

Gratitude Assignment

I read my kids’ gratitude journals and was touched by my son’s letter to me. He wasn’t feeling Gratitude Writings and felt he wasn’t learning either. Maybe it’s because I was busy adjusting my entrepreneurial schedule but I’d like to think, I’m growing. Instead of Gratitudes, I assigned them to write their grandparent a one-page letter. Didn’t matter which grandparent, just write them about Daddy’s Academy, covid-19 fears, P.E., books they’re reading, movies we’ve watched, yada yada yada. Was he happy? HE was cool beans with it. Didn’t it matter? šŸ˜‘ NAW. I have stuff to do!

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