16th Day of Quarantine at Daddy’s Academy of Gratitude: They working hard. Principal Mommy working harder. I’m working hardest!

16th journal entry for homeschool aka Daddy's Academy of Gratitude

SNAP! Yooooo! We killed IT. Sure, they (dem kids) been killing it but I joined in the action this Wednesday. To catch up anyone that is new, it is week 3 of quarantine and we are grooving. The assignments are coming consistently. The teachers are holding video meetings with classes and individual students. I am in the process of developing routines and practices that mesh homeschool with my home-based businesses. What do I do?

Whatever it takes with a shot of everything I possibly can.

Yeah, I said IT. I bust my hump building this blog, branding myself and sharing what I discover. At home, I’m noting on napkins, papers, S-note, notebooks, recording videos, writing blogs, finishing chapters, taking pictures with the GOOD camera. Maaaaaaaan, I am creating content like a GAH DAMN BOSS. Well, I was until Daddy’s Academy of Gratitude fixated itself to the forefront of my consciousness. I’m just getting back into the flow of working my shit and ensuring my kids are learning their shit. The adjustments? You know I was gonna share!

  1. Get up later so I have energy after lunch.
  2. Move yoga/meditation to afternoon with kids’ P.E.
  3. Kid #4 does independent work 9a-11a to give me maximum early hours for interrupted business needs/duties.
  4. The PM academic time slot is NOT for business duties so plan accordingly.
  5. Promoting Da G.O.A.T. (Gangsta of All Teachers) is a night gig.

The changes paid off. I definitely had more energy after lunch and feel like blocking my writing projects will help as well. My 1st grader didn’t require so much management either. She goofed off every moment that I didn’t move her task to task but even that was better than the past few weeks.

The HS senior has not cooked this much her entire life!

I’ve mentioned that without a true bedtime, we have plenty of time for family fun and team cooking. My senior exemplifies this with her insistence on making desserts, treats and snacks. Before quarantine, she wasn’t cooking JACK SQUAT unless her boyfriend was visiting. Now, it’s like an open competition has opened between her, my 5th grader and my 1st grader. Every night, somebody wants to bake something and da lil handicapped homie is here for it. (As long as they clean stuff back up!)

It was not MY choice but I ain’t tripping.

I wanted to start Queen of Katwe. They wanted Short Circuit 2, released in 1988, because we watched part 1 last week. It was a childhood favorite of mine and the whole point of lunch-and-an-ol’-skool-movie is connecting with THEM on a deeper level. I don’t wanna be teacher-Daddy all the time. This is my chance to share stories and you know, do what I do.

EVERYBODY drawing with chalk for P.E., riding bikes, basketball’ing except me…
I CAN yoga/meditate outside in the beautiful weather (SHADE of course)

Gratitude Assignment

This is another adjustment. As much as I enjoy the Gratitude Assignment, I am getting further and further behind. I give them prompts to write on, quotes to analyze and chores to do. For 2 of those 3, I am supposed to write them back. All four of them. Each time.

That shit ain’t happening and I don’t know how to configure life to make it happen. I love writing. I enjoy writing back to them. I ain’t got NAN time to do it. That means, more chores, less prompts. Amazing thing is that they want more chores. Actually, it is not amazing, they have plenty of school assignments so all that writing is getting too much.

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