Easter 2020 with the Fam for movies, series and ol skool FUN.

How my tribe KICKED it for Easter 2020
Our Easter Sunday FUN Day picnic treat!

Let me start this holiday post with a factual statement pertaining to homeschool aka Daddy’s Academy of Gratitude:

I am an Omniest (belief that ALL religions hold truth).

Whew. *wipes brow* Y’all still there? Bet. Now, Easter has never been a big thing to ME. My wife is much more religious than I but hey, what can I say? I ain’t finna apologize; just giving folks some background on why Easter isn’t OUR gig. My 7yr old 1st grader? It was biiiiiig to her. She attended a Christian Daycare for her primary schooling and at that age where she has questions. A lot. Of. Questions. During Academy, we had an entire family discussion of Easter, easter eggs, bunnies vs. chickens, resurrection, a bunch of stuff. It was awesome, authentic and directly inspired the catalog of activities we threw at the kids on Sunday, fritters, movies (including an Easter selection), egg painting, egg hunt and ending with nail painting. I fancy myself one of the free-riding, chase your passion, fuck ya heart and go hard for your GAH DAMN SELF fathers. Nope, I didn’t start with this way; it came with the MS and new perspective on life. My kid’s questions cleared the way for some other truths as well. Namely, my younger kids are interested in Christianity (of course, COMMERCIALISM to me) so the least I could is kick it with them on Easter.

We kicked off the shenanigans with Sonic the Hedgehog because my kids are hanging out together playing the old PS3 version.

We started things with family game night on Saturday. Our gaming selections are limited so we pulled out the Sonic movie as a surprise after playing the PS3 version. My kids tried to fight the opening activity! Yeah, talking greasy with “Daddy, that Sonic is old!” A couple of rings later, dem mugs were hooked. The movie? That was not a success. Nobody liked it.

We woke up Sunday with HOP as the starter. NAW, we had no idea that James Marsden was the main guy like Sonic!

Easter Sunday was the GO Day. Wait. We didn’t watch some Sunday televised service. Whatever homie. I am who I am. For GO Day, I mean the fritters, colorings, hunts and right on cue, Amazon Easter gifts. The gifts? Just some plush toys but the jokes and good times lasted all day and will carry into the week. Neither one of the first two movies were good. Sonic and HOP deserved C+ grades.

Yooooooo!!!! I didn’t even want to see this but it was freaking AWESOME! A

Onward absolutely rocked the whole tribe of Avants. I didn’t want to see it and tried working during the showtime. Working lasted 30min and I was more than hooked, I was building relationships with the characters and storyline. The family sincerely liked the film as well. Solid A rating!

2nd Sunday movie

Trolls was the movie of the youth. I had never seen part 1 but part 2 was jamming enough that I wondered. Heeeeck naw, I will not go back and watch it. I mean, I would with THEM but not by my grown, lone self. The movie was full of songs, dancing and more songs. I give it a B.

Sunday movie #3 to end it all.

The Sunday night movie was Daddy’s choice. I was on a streak of 6 or 7 good choices and The Main Event tested my streak. It was borderline good to the rest of the family but I loved it. The acting wasn’t strong but only because T. Arnold is a REAL actress and blew everyone else into the “meh”.

I was SHOCKED that my 8th grade boy participated at all! Finding eggs?

Of course, the BIG part of today was gonna be the egg hunt. We are a family of egg eaters, boiled, scrambled, sandwiches, deviled, whatever. Kid #4, the 7yr old who started this, had an idea that eggs should equal money or prizes. GURL PUH-LEASE. It is quarantine season and ain’t nobody got time to be trying to find plastic eggs, go by the ATM, none of that. The girls dyed eggs. Kid #1, the Mrs and I hid the eggs. The three remaining kids hunted. It went off without a hitch and everyone was genuinely surprised that my 8th grader joined the girls.

Nails, toes, trampolines & YouTube

Our final activity was nail painting. Now, my son and I weren’t about to paint a doggone thing. We ain’t painting toes, fingers, walls, nothing. He did have a stipulation, no inside screen time. He was cool beans with it and enjoyed watching YouTube in trampoline while the girls did their girl time. Me? Da lil handicapped homie? I sat in the shade, taking pictures, recording, cracking jokes and trying to dance between the brick pillar and chairs for support.

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