Looking for something to watch WITH your kiddos? Don’t worry, da lil handicapped homie got 4 movies and a series.

5 movies that we watched and I've written reviews for.

Don’t shoot the messenger! I mean, it ain’t like I got some long life of luxury planned or anything. Da lil handicapped homie just don’t wanna get shot. ALSO, you, my family, them people over on that side of the world, none of y’all have much choice.

Y’ALL does NOT include ME.

I am busier than I’ve ever been, more grateful than ever and enjoying TF out of it. Do I want things to change back to the way it was? Of course I want things to open up WITH all the NEW opportunities to remain available, benefits to remain with workers and to continue building on the GOOD spilling from the pandemic. Ok, *steps down from soapbox*, let me breath and gon drop these five reviews to save you some time. The issue isn’t that there is nothing DOPE on tv. You know you ain’t seen everything either. You just sick of wasting time on bad shows, boring movies and junk you never really wanted to see anyway.

Graded & rated: C+

I distinctly remember some controversy over how Sonic looked during the initial promotions of this film. I don’t remember WHAT it was, maybe something with his eyes looking too human? Well, the Sonic “character” looked fine to us. The storyline, development and action were not as fine. Jim Carrey did his thing and brought back vivid memories of his earlier comedic roles. Jim Marsden was his usual self (I say that because he has been in sooo many movies). NONE of the kids were impressed with either actor. We built up buzz for the film by playing the ol’ skool videogame so when the movie fizzled out, it lost momentum quick. My biggest issue? I didn’t see the need for humans to be the MAIN attraction. Sonic was third in development and because of the low priority, he wasn’t developed properly. I didn’t want to see the “growth” of the human characters. IF there was authentic growth, I would acknowledge, report and allow it to affect to final grade. There was not. I think my 7yr old said it best,


My 1st grader’s thoughts on Sonic the Hedgehog.
Graded & rated: B

Admittedly, I never saw Trolls, part 1. The rest of the family did and nobody could remember when they did or where I was. I wasn’t excited about this installment. I can pinpoint why. I am a big fantasy geek and the quantity of Troll “species” sacrificed the quality of the Trolls. What I’m trying to say is, I was too grown for Trolls with no arms, weird shapes and stuff. The storyline was cute and touched on some real racial divides. I wasn’t crazy about the film buuuuut… my wife and children LOVED the music. They were singing throughout the film and for the rest of the day, everyone was humming different parts of different songs. Matter fact, even I look back now, I can’t really remember the plot, characters or anything besides which songs were the best. If you are not a fan of musical like shows, be prepared because it is a lot. Any family movie with a definitive “lesson” or “theme” get additional points. This had those elements!

Graded & rated: C

Bruh, we did not even notice that Jim Marsden was the star human in another movie on our list until halfway through. We watched Sonic first and backdoored with HOP a few days later. It went completely over our heads. Our biggest issue? The movie was bland, predictable and lacking POP. At least with Sonic, Jim Carrey could show out and show off his eccentric talents. HOP relied soley on Marsden and I don’t believe he has it. The plot/storyline was average with the Easter bunny and Marsden facing similar family issues and solving them together. I’ll tell you this. That Easter bunny and Sonic were strikingly familiar.

Graded & rated: A

This film was a legit banger. Yes, I am a father and my prejudices and favoritism spill out for movies based on Dads. I use the word, “prejudices” because I did NOT want to see Onward. My problem was that I didn’t understand the complexities of the plot. Yikes! That plot was real AF then the development of the characters was good than a MUG too. There is a lot of moving parts with this film as it deals with real life family issues and even teaches a lesson or two along the way. I was worried about excessive singing but there was very little. I wondered how all the pieces would fit and they tied nicely. Onward was so good that I volunteered to watch it again with anybody down to see it when quarantine ended.

Graded & rated: A

OMG. Ken, this show seems like it was based on your life from the stories you tell of being bullied, cousins picking on you, only black kid in class… I LOVE IT!

Words of my wife. Crazy that the WHOLE family agrees!

I ran from this series the entire time it was on cable television. I have no idea why but I completely missed the boat. The characters are cast marvelously and the series does a fantastic job of keeping everyone involved. Chris Rock is advertised as “narrator” but I call it commenting. The acting and development work well together and scenes rarely require narration. Chris Rock is commenting on darn near everything as it pops off, tying stuff from then to now, shedding background information and plain ol’ busting jokes. The kids stay laughing and almost every episode has them looking back, “Daddy/Mommy? Was it really like that back then?” Can’t go wrong but a series full of lessons on family, friends, communication and education.

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