Day 21 at homeschool aka Daddy’s Academy of Gratitude: Back on track with assignments & work but I get NOTHING done during day

TODAY, we ain't waste on missed work, got NO emails or texts, made a P.E. video while I yoga'd on sideline, good day.

*in my BESTEST Da Rock voice* Do YOU reeeeeaad what da lil handicapped homie is blogging?!!!

Today was the best day of the week! Not a single email, text, message, nothing from any teacher, school, counselor. We successfully completed all work, no kids’ feelings hurt, no child was swoll up with sarcasm. #GoodDay. My MS gave me a little trouble in the afternoon but I sat outside and did extended yoga, then a low key workout and posted on a meditation in the sun. Wow. The improvement was almost instant; I felt better physically, which pushed aside the negative thoughts, leaving me with kids, sunshine and out of breath goodness. Yup, I sat on that mat, in the hot sun, skin darkening, flexing my arms, proud of myself for another session. I’m telling y’all, it was a good day.

THIS is why dem kids call her “dat lunch lady”! She spoils em’. šŸ˜‰šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£

Kids had a fourth consecutive REAL breakfast, courtesy of Principal Mommy and those school-provided meals. And just like that, the day was off to a good start. I kept the same routine from yesterday, no blogging during Academy for me, set everyone up on specific assignments/classes and actively monitored by jokes and stuff. It didn’t go exactly as planned because…

I woke her 3 times before giving up at 9:39AM. She just gotta lose LAPTOP time this evening completing what she slept on.

See this mess? Kid #4 was knocked out like a child after a whooping! She rarely goes to sleep during the day but hell, she doesn’t go to bed at night. She is one those types that is terrified she’ll miss something. She is allergic to bedtime. *sigh* So, when I gave up this morning, I saw it as a blessing of silence around the house. I wouldn’t need to devote so much energy and attention to ONE student (dat kid). I moved on to help others comfortable in my protocols that sleepers will finish work, chores, reading before dinner, fun or electronics.

Same rules apply to HER as well. Gon sleep then but befo’ you eat…

The Children’s Defense Attorney for Quarantined Assignments fell asleep at the wheel early too. I wasn’t tripping because she cooked last night and well, it ain’t worth it. She is old enough to handle up or face consequences. Nope, she won’t face them like a G buuuuut… *shrugs* She’ll be aight.

MIB II barely won the right to be watched for a movie.

After lunch, everything really was back on track for the remainder of the day. The two sleepers stayed in Academy until 5:30 finishing their work. I half expected some drama, arguing, fighting back about “whhhhyyyyyyyy Daddy. I can just blah blah blah.” but nope, didn’t happen. They were smiling at 5:30pm and slid into chores without another peep!

THEY (dem kids) call the game Trampoline Volleyball. It is our equivalent to elementary kickball.

Gratitude Assignment

I was trying to prove that she was working late without complaining but HIM downstairs.

I punked out and took over the dinner duties myself this evening. They spent the day following instructions, getting ahead and generally being some good kids. Making my favorite, SALAD.

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