Day #22 HOMESCHOOLING: Daddy’s Academy of Gratitude – Dem kids AIN’T hurting MY feelings just cuz school cancelled.

Day 22 started strong before Gov. Abbott CRUSHED dem kids' hopes for the freedom of school.

Fridays! It’s no secret that everybody loves Fridays. Well, if you gotta work tomorrow, I send love, strength and Gratitude. Your essential services are appreciated by me and MY Fam, team, squad and crew. I fully support any efforts for you to get bonuses, stipends, rewards, tuition, anything and everything. Real talk y’all, I’m saluting TF out of you.

Where was I? It’s been awhile since I got off topic like that but I will NOT apologize this time because that was sorely needed and even more deserved. Friday started well, rocked and rolled through our “lunch-&-an_ol’-skool movie and we were just chilling when THE news hit. Texas Governor Gregg Abbott finessed his plan for opening the state and businesses. The only thing we cared about was that decision schools remain closed for the remainder of year. *wipes brow* It got ugly for a second or two, maybe a few minutes, before cooler heads prevailed with the introduction to early release Friday. #WIN

Awwww. I forgot Mommy worked. I wish we had a pool so I wouldn’t be sad about breakfast.

What does THAT even mean? šŸ˜‘šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

Your kids ever come at you funky like this? Like for real Dawg, a pool so she won’t be sad about breakfast? I can’t make this mess up. I went ahead and slid her a few choice words about Gratitudes. A damn pool to compensate for breakfast? *shakes head*. Wait. And, and, AND we actually have waffles here so what the heck? Nobody ate breakfast except my son. That dude doesn’t miss the first meal of school, Academy, wherever he’s going to learn, he will grub before the books. The girls? Naaaw. If Mommy not home to prepare some pretty 3-course meal complete with juice, hot tea and water then they squat on the couch until 9AM GO Time.

So, Friday was going well, like most days. I was actually scribbling out notes all morning on the kids’ strengths. *LOL! I really was!* It started with my 8th grader. I was making tea for myself when I realized the cup I chose was dingy. Y’all know what I’m talking bout? Not dirty DIRTY but dingy with spots and streaks like somebody used a dirty towel to dry it. Not cool, understandable, but not cool beans. That was the strength that I was thinking of when Gov. Abbott laid his decree on the outlets. My son does the best job of washing dishes because he is such a ‘germophobe’. He’ll take forever but the dishes will be clean, not spots, no streaks, nothing. I will not snitch on who I think left the dishes wack but bet I get to the bottom of it.

My students LIT–A–REALLY collapsed in shock and dismay. šŸ˜›šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ˜‚

When Gov. Abbott big-faced schools, I absolutely supported the decision. I’m not about to get into the rest but at least schools were closed till next year. My kids fell OUT! I kinda expected some bullshit reaction and fake anger but they far exceeded expectations. I OVERstand kid #1’s frustration because she is a high school senior and worked specifically to afford her prom gear, gas, dress, hair, etc. She has aspirations of slanging her independent eye lashes like a BOSS so prom was her business jump off plus you know… freaking PROM. I wasn’t about to joke on her because it was too early. My 5th grader tho? Maaaaaan, I forgot that her elementary had a 5th grade graduation and she BIG plotted on BOTH sets of grandparents to attend. #BadDaddy Ok, I caught myself before leaning on her buuuuuuuuuut… Kid #2 and kid #4 were borderline buttholes at the news. It wasn’t gonna hurt my feelings but some of the jokes were definitely pointed. *sniff* I ain’t gon cry tho; da lil handicapped homie is a G.

Quarantine forced my 12th grader into drawing again. It looks so good…

Kid #1 recovered from the initial news and bounced back quite admirably. She hadn’t jammed any new artwork in a looooong time; preferring others to draw for her. Quarantine life has bored her into inspiration. She thought it was just a doodle, free form, something to do. Daddy saw endless possibilities, like my first allthingsonelove logo. The request for a logo, no rules, completely up to her imagination but tied to Gratitude, Attitude and Passion. I even told the students (dem kids) that Academy would close early due to the school closure news. THAT perked them all up. My artist took off to finish her piece, on my account while…

That school news had my kids feeling down so we cancelled early and set up for gaming, dancing, pizza and shenanigans.

kids #2, #3 and #4 burst in song over free electronics and and laptop time. When my youngest daughters start the Megan jigging (clean version but still…), there is very little I can do but ride the wave of laughter, shaking, dropping, twisting, everything but cursing and twerking. Look Dads, I know. I get it. I don’t like it either but drastic times call for drastic measures. School closures required something to crack up the bad news and nasty radio jams did it. The funniest part to me? We have early release EVERY Friday so they got crunk off old news and calmed down due to a Daddy trick!

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