2-star Review: Suddenlink Communications of Conroe, TX (cable/internet provider)

My 2-star Review: Suddenlink Communications of Conroe, TX (cable/internet provider)

Suddenlink Communications was extremely difficult with technical support! The automated system was a terror, excessively long wait times, no resolution, etc. Heck, it took 5months for Suddenlink Communications to bury the cable flapping in the wind  with each gentle evening breeze. Throughout the usual elevator music playing as I waited 10+ minutes, the call was interrupted by the standard automated urging to visit a website for help instead. (NO. I NEED HUMAN HELP HOMIE.) This process happened four times over a 2-day span. I fully anticipated the entire process, you know the call-for-tech-support-but-you-end-up-holding-forever-while-repeatedly-being-told-to-just-unplug-it joke? Well, slow clap for Suddenlink Communications because they are masters. My internet service with the company is slow but having 10+ phones, 3+ tablets, 2 laptops, 2 gaming systems and watching 2 internet tv’s doesn’t make it slower. It keeps right on chugging slow. Slow like pauses during online gameplay, pauses during shows, dreaded spinning circle during internet seaches. For the past week, all electronics are kicked off the internet randomly throughout the day and night. We can’t watch an hour episode or play a full game of Madden without being kicked off. Calling is a option besides those wack turn-it-off solutions are wack but calling is such a loooooooooooong process. Livechat has the audacity to require your account number! I’d leave but I came to Suddenlink Communications because I had same issues with another company. Going on 30min+ and no end in sight. I wanted to officially have a response to report but…… geez…. holding past 30min usually ends with the call sounding a fax and hanging up on ME

UPDATE!!! At 48min, I was able to schedule a tech for the following week.



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