Kendrick Avant FREAKING 1-STAR REVIEW: Gold’s Gym of Conroe, Texas

I don’t recall ever giving a business a 1-star but Gold’s Gym worked remarkably hard to be the first. The trainer was GREAT. He was built like Tom Hardy but really paid attention to my personal efforts. Hell, at one point I saw him kinda tear up because I was trying soooooo freaking hard and progressing NO progress. The setting is September 2016 and my family has just arrived in Conroe. I sign up and begin working with a trainer within a week, health issues that I thought were fitness-related. 3 weeks later, I find out that I have Multiple Sclerosis so ain’t NO gym, trainer, regime, gonna help.

I bring the medical paperwork of my diagnosis AND the 2nd diagnosis of Spondylosis to Gold’s Gym because its time to cancel already. Well, make a long story short… Gold’s Gym refused to cancel my contract! First, they wanted more medical proof, (X-rays, MRIs, etc). I didn’t give it. Second, Gold’s Gym demanded the opportunity to help alleviate/relieve my health issues through training. Nope, no way I trust the important step of the rest of my life with a local gym unfamiliar with my INCURABLE autoimmune disease and degeneration of spine. Fast forward to September 2018. I’m casually checking my credit and see Gold’s Gym reported me twice to the credit agencies. Once for 1-mo $30 debt, even though I cancelled within 3-weeks. Second, for the FULLΒ  year contract with fees, dues, penalties and everything, $1500! What a shame, sham and 2-years of pure taking advantage. Be careful folks, friends and haters.

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