5-star Review: #BlackAF (Netflix series)

MY 5-star Review: #BlackAF (Netflix series)

You know the feeling of waiting for something to drop? CD? Movie? Book? Then, FINALLY getting it after aaaaaallllll that patience and time. The excitement building as you start it up? It rarely takes long to decipher your review of the product before you feel like, what is this hot garbage?! Frustration comically seeping from your lips as you decide just how much time will you give it. Well, #BlackAF is NOT one of those shows. Nope. This is one of THOSE shows that actually met and exceeded expectations. What is it? Hmmmm… πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈIn a nutshell, it’s Black-ish on anabolic steroids. It is the UNfiltered perspective of a black family that has become multi-millionaires. Yeah, Black-ish on frigging ‘roids.

Why I Like It

The language. #BlackAF is thick with cursing. THICK. It’s not that I love cursing but the context and delivery of Kenya Barris is kinda what I envision for my blog. I use the hashtags #sickAF, #gratefulAF and #daddyAF regularly and if you follow me, you’re familiar with my writing tones. πŸ˜‰ Playa, I will ink a curse word in a minute!

We got 4 to their 6.

The family communication and shenanigans are eerily similar to my own. In my household, my wife and I encourage our children to speak honestly with us. I’ve explained to them that we, the parents, make mistakes and we, the parents, make a big deal of apologizing to THEM when we do. We also demand that they apologize when wrong, speak clearly and say what you did wrong. The Barris family does the same, expects the same and takes communication to a level that we, the parents, absolutely enjoy with envy.

Episode length is about 30min. In this day of Netflix, Hulu, streaming, documentaries and the release of whole series, it is good to catch some ADULT short stuff. For real, it feels like producers and networks force hour long episodes on throats. Comedies and family sitcoms get the short slot but #BlackAF is serious enough to meet the adult content while tying it all up in under a half hour.

For fans of

β€’ Black-ish

β€’ Curb your enthusiasm

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