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Day #24 at homeschool aka Daddy’s Academy of Gratitude: Stick to the script!

Ohhhhhhh MAN. Y’all know exactly what I’m talking about right? I have worked meticulously to create routines that incorporate THEIR education (home, streets & academic) while giving THEM some leeway so we aren’t butting heads all day, every day, 9am-4pm. Y’all know I’m not lying because anybody can simply check the blog posts and read my inner thoughts on this process. I’ve had major fun and genuinely feel they’ve learned. That being said, the students are called out steps before me so much, planning without me so much, operating independently that I’m starting to get paranoid! This is supposed to signify something special. This is supposed to mean that we’re rolling incredibly well and I should be happy. Heck, I should be proud; instead, I’m watching and waiting for the hook.

We cruised into the lunch and an ol’ skool movie segment of our day without a hitch. I pulled kid #4 to the side early and laced her with new instructions. She would have Gratitude Assignments, at least 30 words, every day she struggled to keep focus. Yoooo. My lil girl is driving me crazy with the concentrated need of my attention. I know her assignments are so easy that its wack but that does NOT mean she gets to bombard my frayed nerves. Da lil handicapped homie has MS and the nerves already f*cked up! She stood with big eyes the entire “time in the teacher’s office” and left with a look of true concern. I heard her snitching to the other kids that Gratitudes were going to be just for UNgrateful students and it started with her. She wanted to know their opinion on if she was as trifling as I detailed. (Naw. I didn’t call her trifling to her face but she got the point.) Regardless, she was dedicated today. She did NOT want to be the winner of Gratitudes. The entire crew of students were on point, less goofing off, less random questions, fewer bursts of songs, etc. They had plenty of work after yesterday’s yardwork and I made sure to prioritize academics.

This week’s lunch & an ol skool movie!

I chose Lean On Me for several reasons. First, Joe Clark was my doggone hero and role model. The film came out when I was young and I always saw myself as doing the same thing, fighting the system, cursing DA MAN, saving the community. (Did I ever do it? I damn sho tried but I was NO Joe Clark.) Second, I showed this movie to my students when I was a teacher every year. *straight face, no smile* I did. It was the first film that I shared with my students for the same reason that I explained to my kids. My student STUDENTS usually matched the hardships of the Eastside High population and built a connection with the characters. My homeschool students (dem kids) latched onto the main character, Joe Clark. They started skeptical, like every ol’ skool movie, and were engrossed by the time we stopped due to the end of the lunch period.

Slicing up veggies for FIRST time. I don’t he’s ever used a real knife at all.

Every day of the week, my wife, aka Principal Mommy, has taken it upon herself to teach the kids a dish. My 8th grader, kid #2, only boy, has fought this, scoffed at this and tried to weasel his way out of it.

You know he loved it once they got going. The cutting scared him the most but he eventually got comfortable and began dicing even smaller. His vegetable soup turned out good and he spent the entire night bragging.

Did I notice a change with my 1st grader’s behavior?

She improved today and by a considerable margin. She came close a few times to earning those Gratitudes but before I reminded her; she would state loudly, “LOL. Let me sit down because I want to do good today.”

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