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Day #25 at homeschool aka Daddy’s Academy of Gratitude: Graduation, wings & work

Da lil handicapped homie getting OLD than a mug!

Yup, I have a high school senior. Yes ma’am, da lil handicapped homie is graduating kid #1 next month whether she walk a stage or not. Her classes are set for college, she scooped her cap and gown this afternoon so it is just about official. *sigh* I’m ready but I’m not ready. Either way, I got an Academy to run.

I’ve lost track of how many consecutive days that I can’t complain Multiple Sclerosis. It has been a good run, coincided with the students (dem kids) doing well. Today was special because my eldest daughter is graduating next month and picked her “graduation package”. She immediately hid it somewhere in her room and refused to model for me and the others. Yes, I understood. I’m sure her siblings understood too but that didn’t stop the shenanigans and jokes from flying her direction.

Kid #1 had serious plans for THIS Friday Eve. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Yooooo. That FAFSA application beat my daddy ass! Which part did I get hung up on? The tax information confused the mess out of me. It took at least 8 wrong submissions, corrective emails, 2 hours and such to figure it out. Nope, there is no counselor available to help and for good reason. Eventually, we solved the case of the incorrect taxes and moved on to the next step.

The FAFSA application snatched a few hours from me, the teacher at Daddy’s Academy of Gratitude, but the other students held IT down. Of course, I reminded them about the significance of proving they could work independently. Yuuuup, I threatened to take away LAPTOP time if things got out of hand. It wasn’t like I was on the phone or something; those applications are that intense. I did my own TurboTax the last few years so I had everything I needed and still struggled. Through it all, my students shined and shined. Maybe it was the new wrinkle, misbehavior results in Gratitude Assignments, but they really stayed focused. Everyone finished their required online work on time. One did miss her GoogleMeet but she was there yesterday so I wasn’t gonna trip. I was truly impressed with kid #2 and #4 NOT goofing off as much as usual. Since they weren’t clowning around, kid #3 was silent as well. Normally, she is stressing and flexing about how loud THEM two are.

Hard at work OR hardly working? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

We were supposed to finish the 1989 film, Lean On Me today but I couldn’t get it to work. No problem, The Healing Powers of Dude was on my Netflix list and I had been trying to convince the students to watch it at home. Home ain’t Academy so the kids always shut that option down. Today, no excuses, stars aligned and we gave it our best shot.

Ended up being a good series. My youngest daughters always get down with family, non-animated movies. My senior? She prefers some violence, action or dark comedy. My son is an anime type of watcher. The quartet liked the first episode so much that we ran a second. I was so interested that I allowed lunch to extend an extra 20 minutes to finish the second episode. Honestly, it is good. The main character, a kid with social anxiety disorder, uses his dog, Dude, as an emotional support while attending middle school for the first time. It inspires all types of great conversations and like I say, I’m down with family conversations.

It was a quick substitute decision but…

For dinner, my wife continued teaching every kid a new dish. Tonight, kid #4 was up for wings. She had the power to pick the flavor; which scared the beeeejesus out of everyone. Spicy was her choice and spicy she did. The wings turned out well, I heard. I don’t eat land animals as a preventative measure with my Multiple Sclerosis.

She was sooooo freaking STOKED!

HER Wisdom Wings. πŸ‘πŸΎ

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