Day #26 at Daddy’s Academy of Gratitude: LOOK, today is about ME and the NFL Draft

Journal entry of day #26. it's all about ME today
I ain’t STUDDEN dem kids! šŸ˜›šŸ˜›

I mean, I LOVE dem kids (Ooops, students) but Friday was day two of the annual NFL Draft. Why is that important? Shhhhiiiiiiiiiid, da lil handicapped homie is a football FAN. I watch college and NFL football, the draft, the highlights, play the Madden videogame with my potnas, watch the analysis of different people, different stations, read the blogs, I consume everything NFL. No, I do not have a problem. I have an infatuation.

My gameplan was simple. As a football FAN and Daddy, I feel it is my right to watch certain things uninterrupted. I pretty much did. The whole Family left me alone Thursday to watch all the draft content I wanted. Today, I wanted to LISTEN to the draft content, the review of picks, analysis of picks, grade of picks, prediction on next picks, I wanted it all. I already knew what I would do too. I played the podcasts of the NFL draft out loud instead of our usual chillhop. I wasn’t worried about the students (dem kids) being distracted because… Well… None of my kids are into watching or listening to sports. Even my 8th grader, dude plays football and starts on the team, does not watch sports. He’ll play but watching is too boring. The girls? You can’t be serious. They SHO ain’t studden NO draft talk or anything associated with the NFL.

1987 ol’ skool.

The only break in my plan came for lunch and an ol’ skool movie. The students worked diligently, most of the time, and we flossed into the eating part of our day. The selection was the 1987 He-Man movie, Masters of the Universe. Yooo! I remember going to the movies with my Pops in 1987 and watching this joint! Baby faced, potential gangsta full of potent hopes and dreams, ripe with an eight year imagination. *sigh* I remember. It was only right that I bust the students (dem kids) with a classic that touched my heart 34 years ago.

Heeeck yeah they enjoyed it. We didn’t finish because time ran out but they were aaaaalllllll up in the mix. The movie gave me the idea to hit them with Rocky next week.

STOP. Is that MONICA from friends?

Kid #1

Kid #1 was shocked that Monica, from Friends, played the heroine role. I was too but I probably would have missed that twist; I don’t watch Friends. That comment got us into a whole side conversation about the sitcom. I didn’t know she watched stuff like Friends at all. Damn near felt like I didn’t know my own daughter. She watches Black-ish, Grown-ish AND Friends? Who would raise such an equal opportunity child?!

Smores made by 5th grade kid #3 using Pinterest

I did get hustled today. Distracted by the NFL Draft and happy that nobody needed my direct attention, kid #3 got away with making smores. They were really good but she was out the kitchen due to poor work consistency. See, quarantine has blessed ya boi with quality family time and I know how crucial cooking is to her day. She ain’t worried about being punished, losing laptop time, any of that but no cooking JACKS her up.

Gratitude Assignment

Wait? You were serious? Ok, no problem.

Kid #4

We still get paid for book reports? Humph. I’ll read longer.

Kid #2

These two earned their first Gratitude Assignment today. The usual goofing off during Academy time. I don’t even remember what exactly it was but it was definitely earned. I was pleasantly surprised at their reaction to having to do Gratitude Assignments again. Once upon a time, my son wrote me a letter about his feelings towards the task. He hated it. Today, he was relieved that he wasn’t losing LAPTOP time. My 1st grader was saaaaaame thing. The two of them do a bunch of stuff on Roblox together and it stung that they had an Assignment but knowing they could still play games kept them focused the remainder of the day. I used the Gratitude Assignment to make them read extra time and watch the Friday Family movie, Netflix’s The Willoughbys. It was a darn good flick too and will be included in the next allthingsonelove recommendations blog post!

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