Thursday, 4/30 at Daddy’s Academy of Gratitude: Bounceback KING in this BOOOOOTCH!

Journal entry of day 30-->Thursday, 4/30 at Daddy's Academy of Gratitude: Bounceback KING in this BOOOOOTCH!
My big city Chicago cousin nicknamed me, “Bounceback KING”. I’ll take that!

Shhhhhhiiiiiiiiiid… *rolls toothpick* Y’all, I feel better. Waaaay better. The kind of better you can smell in the morning. I went through my normal King’s routines. Made sure my Queen woke for work, ironed her clothes. *gives an appalled look* Of course I do! As handicapped, wheelchair’ed and #sickAF as I am?! You damn right. I OWN my role as househusband. Once she was off, I was ready to get going. For the first time all week, I didn’t lie down until Daddy’s Academy of Gratitude started. Naw playa, I finished my tea (I don’t do coffee. *salutes*) and played Madden 2020 on PS4. When I almost beat the Patriots, using the Oakland Raiders, I knew. Da lil handicapped homie KNEW he was on the mend!

The students knew I felt better because I was rocking my favorite shirt. *winks*

9:00am. Academy pops off. I was floating about, smiling, interacting and being me. A few times, I ran to the RR as the remaining vestiges of magnesium citrate abandoned my system for browner pastures. I was determined to “stay on the good foot” and use my first day feeling better for something awesome. Kids #2 and #3 were busy doing some standard, independent schoolwork. Kid #1 was flexing on real estate work. *fingers crossed* She takes the biiiig real estate agent test in a few weeks and the pressure is on. Still, I had faith she wouldn’t need me. Now, Kid #4 was THE one. After a few minutes, I decided to gon do it. I bust out my yoga mats in the middle of the learning laboratory aka living room and slowly cycled through several yoga poses aimed at aiding digestion PLUS my standard 20min set AND slid a 10-minute meditation for good measure. I felt even better. I couldn’t believe that my youngest student allowed me such freedom without interruptions, requests, demands, ideas, etc. It was GREAT.

All day. First, normal. Theeeen, chopped and screwed!

Our Academy learning laboratory procedures require music to be played. As a teacher, I was a champion of the “organized chaos” learning environment, little music, different groups, various levels, timed assignments, I loved it. At the crib, for homeschool, I try to recreate that atmosphere with music being played at all times. We’ve been using Chillhop, on YouTube, because it is jamming and has no words. (Bunch of studies on the improvement of learning with music) Today, I hit the students (dem kids) with nothing but Bob Marley all day. They hadn’t heard his music besides the regular hits that we keep on playlists. We had good conversations over his music and legacy.

Had to go comedy for lunch and an ol’ skool movie

I broke the monotony of movie classics with Napoleon Dynamite. Rephrase, I TRIED breaking the monotony of classics. It is a banger to me, the wife and basically everyone associated with my team. The students were not as impressed. The entire hour, “Why this? Why that? He so blah blah blah.” Geeeeeez, I almost stopped the movie to ensure they wouldn’t bang it so much that I didn’t like it! Everything changed when Pedro entered and they saw the two get some “sweet air”. From there, the laughter rolled until we stopped just before Kip met Lufawnduh. Nope, I stuck to the script and we did NOT watch anymore. Gotta leave em hanging in suspense until Friday!

Had to pay them back for yesterday’s push up fiasco!

I almost had an accident trying to do push-ups with that magnesium citrate in my personal plumping pipes. Today was new day. A GREAT day and I am NOT so grateful that I miss an opportunity to be petty. For P.E., I had dumbbell exercises waiting on them! I did everything too! Well, *holds up hands* I did every exercise that I could do. Nooooo. I did try to hurt anybody but I damn sure pushed them to keep going. The above link is what we used.

Who’s Cooking Dinner Tonight?

Kid #3 cooked Wednesday.

SHE cooked Wednesday night. Her first sweet and sour chicken was all the rage and her siblings were jealous.

Tonight, introducing the Chef and his entree…

My son was tonight. BOIIII! What a difference a week makes! Last week, he was a nervous wreck over cooking. Until then, I never put it together that he hadn’t used a knife, oven, stove, nothing but the microwave. His first dish, a vegetable soup, and he did good. So good, he bragged all weekend that he hoped he’d get soup again. (TO ME, it was his reverse psychology on his Mother Sweet. In reality, she already knew what dish she was teaching him.) Tonight, he felt he was blessed with that win. *ROTFLMAO*

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